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One worldly fact, birthdays come just once a year! However, few people know that due to astrology, everyone has their year – Solar. And if you mark it correctly, your most cherished desires and dreams will come true. In addition to the natal birth chart, which contains a program for the event of an individual for keeps, in professional astrology, there’s a horoscope for a year, or Solar, related to an astrological birthday.

Solarium (from Latin Sol – “Sun”) may be a horoscope that describes and forms an image of the approaching year. To a specific extent, Solarium is the real magic: someone has the chance to influence his future with the assistance of his birthday. Using this method, you’ll plan and calculate where and the way best to celebrate your birthday, so that the year is as successful as possible.

The homeland of this term is France. For French kings, court astrologers prescribed where to celebrate their next birthday.

The absolute priority within the development of Solyar’s theory belongs to the French astrologer of Russian origin Alexander Volgin. This can be a legendary man who became the best French astrologer of the 20th century. He was born on March 03, 1903, in Kherson. The main points of his childhood are unknown, but someone in his family was seriously engaged or inquisitive about astrology, because already in his youth Alexander had extensive knowledge during this area. At the age of 14, his first articles on astrology appeared. In 1917, the family emigrated to France, where Alexander wrote his main works in French.

In 1938 Volgin published the magazine Les Cahiers. He created two fundamental manuals on astrology: “Lunar astrology” – about the traditions of the interpretation of lunar stations in ancient (Arabic, Indian, Jewish, and Chinese) astrology and “The method of solar conversions” – a guide to Solar. He raised all the medieval knowledge about Solar, systematized, and modernized them. Volgin became the biggest astrologer in France of the XX century and actively popularized Solar. It’s because of Alexander Volgin that modern astrologers possess such a strong predictive tool.

The natal birth chart could be a basic horoscope that doesn’t change over the years, it’s a form of provided that describes the tasks and lessons that someone will face, his psychotype, character, purpose, professional implementation, the most and most significant moments of fate. And if, for instance, you’ve got a stressful period consistent with the natal birth chart, then it is smoothed out with a positive Solarium. There are statements, and that they don’t seem to be groundless, that having met your birthday during a specially selected place where the Solar planets are located within the most favorable way, you’ll be able to prevent negative trends within the natal chart.

Solarium may be a birthday horoscope. Astro magic Solaris also lies within the indisputable fact that an individual, having turned to an astrologer beforehand, can simulate his next year by setting a task for an astrologer and voicing a goal, as an example, to seek out a decent job, achieve success in an exceedingly career or business, improve his financial well-being, wed, buy a house, give birth to a baby, improve your health or learn where it’s better to be at the instant of your birthday so that everything within the family is safe. The astrologer will select options and tell you whether there’s a chance to remain or it’s better to go away, and if you allow, then where.

Solar’s choice could be real art. A properly selected Solarium can give fantastic results. But so as for them to happen, the astrologer, supporting the arrangement of the planets within the Solarium, must give clear instructions on the way to celebrate the astrological birthday.

When to form Solar?

By the time you switch on the Solarium, you would like to arrange ahead, the calculation of the Solarium is often done six months before the birthday, and this can be a form of magic. The very intention to travel to the proper place on your Solarium begins to create a brand new reality and influence the course of life events.

Thus, if your Solarium for a given year isn’t missed, but is ahead, you can, with the assistance of an astrologer, calculate where to satisfy him and become a blacksmith of your happiness in the correct place at the right time

A person cannot change the time of turning on the scheme, it’s connected by an invisible thread with the instant of his birth. However, there’s a choice in determining the situation.

The solarium takes place once a year in completely different places. you would like to return to your birthday at the place where the system is turned on a minimum of days earlier, you’ll be able to even earlier, and stay after turning on the identical for a minimum of daily, or more. If these mechanisms are violated, Solyar might not justify itself, therefore, if Solar is “visiting”, you wish to plan everything. A solarium works wonders if someone observes all the recommendations of an astrologer. When all the foundations are fulfilled, one Solarium can change the entire fate. A good, successful Solarium can affect such a lot that a personality’s life will change dramatically. There are lots of examples! Therefore, I always kindle feedback from my clients, and when drawing up the following Solyar I’m inquisitive about the results of the previous one, on behalf of me in my work it’s very important!

He who believes in miracles will find happiness

Whoever a minimum of once tested the action of Solyar on himself, then he tries to use this chance each year. The solarium is the broadest field for activity and action. Leaving in the right direction is the most difficult task, especially if the calculation for the place of residence isn’t very favorable. Choosing the most effective place isn’t a fast session. There are many cities and places within the world, and a knowledgeable astrologer can choose several directions, it all depends on the aim and request with which the person applied.

One of my clients asked to draw up Solyar and set a goal for the subsequent year to enhance financial results, saying earlier that he would fly anywhere within the world, where I say – he’s a giant businessman and incorporates a private jet. Solyar fell to him on Kolomna. And another client of mine, who doesn’t have an airplane and wants to urge marriage and begin a family, fell out on Wake Island, located within the North Pacific. It happens!

Solar is an investment in your year!

The solarium is incredibly exciting because after all, it’s a horoscope that fulfills dreams and desires. My friends and that I often fly to every other’s Solyars, it’s more fun, and besides, this can be another great reason to trip places where you’ve got not been. Last year I used to be with friends at Solarium in Portugal, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Stockholm, Georgia, Samarkand, and China. Recently I went with friends to Solarium in Murom. Even a visit to a seemingly very short distance to Solar can have a really strong positive effect. It is important to know what you would like to vary in your life within the coming year, that is, to own the goal of the Solarium, consult an astrologer before, and determine where you wish to be at the instant of switching on the Solarium. And if you’re lucky, there could also be multiple locations to decide on from. As a former exchange worker, I call Solar an investment in my year. Since astrology could be a precise science and Solyar’s calculation works and offers its results, I’m sure that it’s worth cash on a visit and flying on your birthday at the correct time to the proper place. Isn’t it a miracle ?!

Astrology is an analysis of the past, an understanding of this, and confidence within the future. Just this confidence is often obtained by composing Solar for your next year. Everyone has different dreams, goals, lifestyle, we survive different continents, but everyone wants one thing – to be happy! Astrology is an irreplaceable assistant during this, just like the “Happiness” agency, which allows you to settle on the foremost optimal places in the world, due to which dreams come true.

I wish everyone a contented Solar and fulfillment of cherished desires!

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