The word “Pesach” instantly reminds you of some of the words associated with it such as “cooking and cleaning” before you think about all the traditions and things that go around during the phase. Unless you find cooking and cleaning as a pleasing thing for you, the preparations for the Passover can turn out to be a pretty daunting task for you where you will be all lost in the thoughts for the things you need to bring into action. All the credit goes to the Passover program that made it possible to gain more exposure for the things that can be done to make a unique and relaxing experience.

The popularity of Passover

Regardless of what traditional word a Jewish family uses whether Pesach or Passover, there is one thing for sure that this Jewish holiday is well-known throughout the globe and it has increased from generation to generation. It has now become one of those few holidays that even the Non-observant Jews choose to wait eagerly where they can enjoy with their families and then retell this story or listen about the traditional Seder. 

The memories of this festival come down as a cherishing moment while they prepare Charotzet in the same manner as they recall their grandmother doing for the Pesach Seder. The same story written in the Haggadah has been recited every single year, and the 4 cups of wine also remain a staple, and Kedem grape juice also sees a boost in the sales during the Spring for the preparation of Passover. Seder plates have now become a specialty to put forward during great wedding presents. 

During the Passover holiday, one burns and sells their chometz and only consumes unleavened bread for the entire period of these holidays. You can go to the market and easily spot a boxed Matzah which contains round and square matzahs, that too even at the most remote locations. This is a thing where the Jewish celebrate their freedom from slavery in Egypt. 

An event that reminds them all of how they were enslaved by building pyramids. It tells you a lot about the Jewish people and nation who were forced to hide from their firstborn males upon birth since if the news will come out in public then that newborn child would be cast into the Nile River.

What to expect from Pesach in 2021?

The year 2020 came out as a surprisingly disappointing turnout, and this year in 2021, Pesach will proceed on March 27th after sunset and ends on Sunday evening, April 4th, 9th of Nissan 5781. All the Passover programs will take a kick start from March 25th, 2021 if you come a day early or March 26th, 2021 which will commence with Shabbos, and then Pesach begins just after Shabbos on March 27th, 2021. In the ongoing year, all the programs will start one day prior because of Shabbos falling on a day before Pesach.

Since a lot of families looking to enjoy this period, they will look to attend this program as seen by the trend of 20 years where people chose to go to the USA, Bahamas, or just anywhere around the globe. Jewish travel during this program is considered as the best period of the year for Jewish people where they love to travel.

We will be talking about the Pesach programs that will be taking place this year all around the globe in a linear fashion. You can attend any one and luxuriously observe this tradition, or prefer camping setting since everything will take place this time. If you are not looking to attend the Passover anyway then you can also go on to enjoy the eating feast you can purchase from the grocery store. 

Here we are putting down the list of 20 places where you can come and enjoy the Passover of the year 2021 and enjoy with your friends and family. Do not worry about the amenities and services since whatever anticipation you have earlier will be taken care of during these programs taking place in Passover vacation.

  • The 20 confirmed and best programs you can be a part of for Pesach 2021 around the world:
  1. Pesach program 2021 in Dubai
  2. Pesach program 2021 in Morocco 
  3. Pesach program 2021 in Mexico 
  4. Pesach program 2021 in Canada 
  5. Pesach program 2021 in the Caribbean
  6. Pesach program 2021 in Thailand
  7. Pesach program 2021 in the Bahamas
  8. Pesach program 2021 in South Africa
  9. Pesach program 2021 in India
  10. Pesach program 2021 in Israel
  11. Pesach program 2021 in the USA
  12. Pesach program 2021 in Florida
  13. Pesach program 2021 in New York
  14. Pesach program 2021 in Arizona 
  15. Pesach program 2021 in California 
  16. Pesach program 2021 in Italy
  17. Pesach program 2021 in Spain
  18. Pesach program 2021 in France
  19. Pesach program 2021 in Abu Dhabi 
  20. Pesach program 2021 in Europe

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