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Desert Safari in Dubai

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dubai desert safari

An evening desert safari in Dubai is an exhilarating experience that allows travelers to take their mind off their daily grind. Dubai is a fusion of culture, entertainment, adventure, and luxurious, sumptuous cuisine under the starlight. The city is also host to some of the finest hotels and guest houses in the world. It is also the home of the most prestigious and lavish casinos in the world. An evening desert safari in Dubai is the perfect way to enjoy the sights and sounds of this dazzling city at night.

Starting the day at the Dubai Creek Watersport for an afternoon Dubai desert safari, you then drive to the Sharjah Marina. This scenic spot is known for its pristine waters and white sand beaches. After a quick stop at the Dubai Creek Watersport for lunch, drive towards Sharjah to get into your spacious rental car. Sharjah is a modern emirate within the UAE that boasts some of the most lavish and luxurious hotels and guest houses in the region. This is followed with a tour to traditional Bedouin camp sites where you can capture the true essence of this desert in the form of a Sharjah desert safari.

After a short stay at the Sharjah Marina, you then drive to the Al Hajar Mountains and proceed to another breathtaking desert safari in Dubai. This route starts from the Sharjah traffic light and heads towards Mount Abu Laythabat. At this point, there is a dirt track to follow before reaching a saddle terrace that provides a panoramic view of the Arabian Desert. Al Hajar Mountains is known for their sand dunes and rocky mountains. These dunes vary in shape and composition depending on the season. The dunes are also home to a rare species of bird life called the Black Redstart.

The Al Hajar Mountains provides an ideal location for an Al Hajar Desert safari in the UAE. It is possible to reach Mount Abu Laythabat by taking the intercity bus or taxi from Sharjah. Once you reach Mount Abu Laythabat, it is advisable to take a camel ride to the desert base. The desert safari enthusiasts will be treated to camel riding through the landscape as well as bird watching at the nearby bird camps. Other attractions of the Al Hajar Desert safari include the camel ride through the gushing waters of the Persian Gulf.

Another popular desert safari destination in the UAE includes the town of Layang. Layang is home to a small village called Daryagan located on a bay of sand and a short boat ride away from Sharjah. Located on a sandy strip of land, Layang has a modern spa and restaurants that serve delicious local cuisine. The local fishermen are on hand to teach their traditional fishing skills to the tourists who opt to take a desert safari in the UAE.

The third and last place you should visit on your Layang desert safari in Dubai is the Sharm-el Sheikh ski resort. This ski resort offers snowboarding, speed skating and snowmobiling. If you want to do more than just skier’s runs and luge rides, you can go mountain climbing, white water rafting or parasailing. The Sharm El Sheikh ski resort also features a water park, a golf course and a multitude of shops. The best time to visit Sharm el Sheikh is between May and October.

Your four-day Layang desert safari in Dubai will allow you to travel to many other exciting destinations in the area. You can visit the Dubai Museum and the Al Boom Tourist Village, which allow you to watch the construction process of both landmarks. The Dubai Docks and Medina are also a must-see sight, as are the catacombs of Giza, the lighthouse on the Jumeirah Island and the golden desert of Satwa. The Sharm el Sheikh and the Persian Gulf have been turned into virtual tourist attractions by the UAE.

Taking a desert safari in Dubai gives you the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of this part of the world. You can enjoy pristine beaches, serene backdrops, stunning scenery and the best wildlife in the world. With your own guide, you can even see the black oases of Abu Dhabi. A desert safari in the UAE is the ultimate trip, whether you’re traveling alone or with your family.

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