The Present And Future Trends Of Gojek Clone App Development In Indonesia

Gojek Clone App In Indonesia has been setting examples for the upcoming new On-Demand Service Apps. Although these Apps think they will break into the market, trust me nothing beats the perfection and remunerative capabilities of this Super App. Developing and Launching On-Demand Apps offering Multiple Services is becoming a trend, but in this blog, I’ll tell you some pretty convincing things about how this Super App is setting the business trends in the present and future. 

Let’s get to know Gojek Clone better!


Enlisted here are the future and present features of the App that are setting this Ready-Made Business Solution Trend. 


The present features that customers look for in any Online Shopping Mobile App are already present in this App. Want to know what are they? 

Well, here you go! 

  1. Protection against COVID with Face Mask Verification

Customers still feel terrified by the havoc caused by the Pandemic in the past two years. That is why, when they order their food, medicines, or even wish to get a massage, they want their Service Provider to come wearing a Mask at least. 

That is when Face Mask Verification Feature comes in handy! The Driver or the Service Provider first needs to upload a picture of themselves wearing a mask. It is only after that can they begin the job and collect payment at the end!

  1. Stop and Shop on a Ride 

Gojek Clone In Indonesia lets the users who have booked a ride add multiple stops on their ride. This is one feature that not many taxi booking services provide. The users can choose the Car Type they want to Ride and add multiple stopovers. 

This gives users to roam freely and run errands without having to depend on someone to drive them to different locations. 

  1. Register under more than one category 

The App In Indonesia also ensures that all the service providers registering with your App remain happy and earn the big bucks they deserve for their hard work. That is why the app gives the service providers the liberty to register themselves under more than 1 category and earn more in their spare time. 

Say, a Moto Rider can also work as a Food Delivery Driver in their spare time. This helps them to earn extra cash while keeping them sane by not keeping them waiting for the next moto ride request. 


These are some of the Future Trends that Gojek Clone is setting for Customers availing Online Services, App Developers developing Multiple Service Apps, and many others. 

With KINGX 2022, two new services have been introduced that are making the users and provider go GA GA! 

  1. Online Video Consultation 

This feature lets the app users and the providers stay connected with each other from the comfort of their homes and yet get the work done. That is, users can now consult with Doctors, Lawyers, and even Astrologers via the In-App Video Calling feature!

  1. Service Bidding

The App In Indonesia has made it much easier for users to find the best local handyman within their budget. They simply have to post a task on the App and service requests will be sent to local nearby handymen for the chosen job category, say the plumbers! And then, the providers can bid for it and negotiate with the users via the Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 itself!


What does it take for Developing Gojek Like App and launch it? Well, it takes only a small amount of smart work and luck. If you have read the blog this far, then you are surely looking for the best Ready-Made Business Solution that can make you a Successful Entrepreneur. 

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