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How to buy refurbished PC Parts?

Refresh still selling for  240 bucks on new egg  not a very good deal when you compare it  to say you know a 6600 K at 7600 K  that’s available now but obviously it  still has some chops this is a too  outdated of a processor now in the rest  of your posts because there was a little  bit of a cherry going on below we also  found out that he’s running 35 40 34 40  by 1440 so ultra wide with the high  resolution and that also he’s not  overclocking although he does have a liquid cooling system in place now my  suggestion here would definitely be to  overclock this is only going to turbo  boost to 3.9 gigahertz and you should at least be able to get 4.4 to 4.5  especially if you’re using liquid  cooling and that should help your performance.

However he also stated that  the games he was having difficulty with csgo on mine craft which really  aren’t that difficult to run they can be  a little bit more CPU dependent than GPU  defended but my suggestion would be  maybe to look at other possible  contributing factors because this CPU  should be able to help if you overclock  it in particular it should be able to  keep up with that 1080 and I would wait  definitely to like really upgrade at  least until then and rise in CPUs come  out next month or in the next month or  two there should be some price updates  hopefully that happened after that job  so that should at least give you a bit  better selection so you are considering  upgrading but yeah overclock and maybe  check out your software situation see if  you have processes running in the background look at your memory see if  that’s somehow getting chewed up somehow and that’s contributing to the lower  frame rates because if you’re running at  a higher resolution like 34 40 by 1440  at least in games that are more GPU dependent the CPU should not be the  bottleneck if you’re running really low  resolutions and the GPU is churning out  a bunch of frames that’s when the CPU.

Can start to get bogged down a little  bit so thank you for the question and  let’s jump to question number 2 which is  okay  murky conduct which is I like your name  so tape all I the laptop that has  Windows 10 on it is it possible to  transfer it to a PC build I was  originally just going to say no it’s not  Joel Reynolds also here replied and said  yes if it’s an OEM and he says he had to  contact Microsoft and really push them  because he got a replacement key with a  pro key and he’s able to talk them into  it but let me just state this for the  record my contacting Microsoft can be  very hit or miss in particular if you’re  using an OEM key and laptops have om  keys that’s generally speaking how they  work but let me give a bit of more of an  explanation of kind of how Windows did  things with Windows 10 is that if you  buy Windows 10 directly from Microsoft  and you get a key and then you punch it  in to your newly installed computer the  key is actually used it’s burnt or  whatever and then you get a digital  entitlement that ties itself to your  hardware.

What I understand the refurbished motherboard and actually it can do some  specific writing into the UEFI there the  cool thing about this is if you activate  Windows unlike an old system or like a  system with the motherboard and then  take that motherboard and put it like  you know reconfigure the system or  something and do a fresh install of  Windows on it windows should just  activate the windows database should  recognize the digital entitlement tied  to that hardware and just activate the  software that’s happened to me two or  three times so far with your particular  situation you have a laptop so it’s  going to know am key and chances are  you’re not going to be able to change  that or move that around at all Windows  is much more restricted when it comes to  giving people service when it comes to  OEM T’s that they say talk to the  manufacturer of your device instead ever  since window did the anniversary update  I don’t know when that was a few months  back you can actually take your  Microsoft account  with your Windows 10 digital license and  you can tie your windows 10 digital  license to the Microsoft account this  would actually allow you to have for  example like multiple computers with the  unique login for your Microsoft account  so you can move between different  machines there are some restrictions in  place that I want to dive too much into  the details right here but I will say I  prefer not having the Microsoft account  I prefer just a unique you know user  login just to the machine but if you  really have a Windows license especially  if you bought it retail and you need the  ability to switch between multiple  machines consider tying it to your  Microsoft account and that might make  activation especially if you do a  hardware update a little bit easier but  to give it too long didn’t read answer  no you probably cannot take your OEM key  from a laptop.

Move it to a desktop  unless you’re in a very interesting  situation much like Joel was here and  you managed to type talk Microsoft into  it but that’s seriously up to them and I  really ever hear that actually happening  here’s a question from luga why did you  leave new leg what made you have your  own channel this is a question I’ve  actually sort of addressed before in  probing Paul but I bring it back up very  specifically because alright I feel kind  of bad about this just a little bit but  I I wanted I wanted to do it so I’m just  going to do it anyway even though I feel  kind of bad alright so I left new egg  for a variety of reasons one of the big  reasons was that I tried to work with  management.
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Sort of coordinate things  because when you’re doing a creative job  like creating videos even if you’re just  talking about PC hardware that kind of  thing you need to kind of you need to  keep a little bit of a fire going and if  you feel like your voice isn’t being  heard when you’re saying I think we  should do things this way or whatever it  just tends to sort of suck that out of  you so that over time plus sort of what  I might’ve was not mean my voice is not  being heard by the people who are  actually running things and making  decisions led me to decide you know what  I think I’m just going to kind of go in  on my own when I left doing is about  like 80 to 85 thousand subscribers and  the stupid thing is that the people who  I had disagreements with they aren’t  even there anymore like they so they  went in and did whatever they did and  now  not there anymore but I didn’t want to  point this up first off new egg has a  new crew that’s working there actually  met them at CES and they were very nice  people  so if you guys do want to check their  stuff out I think they have improved it  in the past few months things seem to be  turning around they seem to be more  Hardware.

Focused and that kind  of thing but again my bit of  schadenfreude I here to use a word that  I’m my old Newegg co-worker Rachel  really like to use is that I have  finally passed them in subscribers I’m  at 456 now and I didn’t really like  tweet about that or anything but it’s  two years in two years and four months  or so this is my announcement video that  I had separated from new AG which was  September 21st 2014 so two two years and  three or four months and that comes so  far so I’m happy with the decision and  again I bear no ill will towards new  eggs of course there were some people  who aren’t there anymore who I wasn’t  super happy with but we’ll leave it at  that and hopefully that gives you guys a  bit more of an explanation of what went  down there anyway next question is from  McLaren’s Carry of week reviews right  here I’m currently using a Hauppauge HD  PVR 60 that’s as close as I can get to  pronouncing this ha up page it is a Native  American word a Native American Indian  to be specific HD PVR 60 I would like to  step up to something with a higher  bitrate I have built a PC to handle  aside from Legato and if your media  options with 60 K bit rates which would  include like the legato hd60 what would  you recommend for video capture swimming  no limit in file size I almost kind of  felt bad bringing this question up and  answering it because I don’t really have  a very good answer to it to be perfectly  honest I have a bit of research I’ve  done I’ll point you towards a couple  brands the first brand.

They they’re more sort of towards the  prosumer getting into the much more  expensive professional market so the  capture cards tend to cost a lot but  although I have not worked with them  directly  I have heard very positive things about  them recently  although the website needs to they need  to change their website a little bit  because they obviously have a code issue  throwing there at the top anyway but  yeah major well parts can be expensive  you know starting around 300 bucks going  up to the you know 500 two thousand  dollar range but again I’ve heard good  things  out them beyond that I would check out  black magic again people have hit and  miss stuff with them my most recent  capture card purchase is this black  magic deck link mini recorder 4k  internal PCIe card and I did some  testing initial stuff with it about a  month and a half ago and I haven’t  touched it since purely for lack of time  so again I wish had a better answer for  you for that but some yeah at least  black magic and major well I would say  check those out next is a motif I’m a  I’m a tow sing I’m sorry if I’m  pronouncing your name wrong.
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dual sixteen by nine or single 21 bind  what’s a sixteen by nine on top  definitely single 21 by nine with the  sixteen by nine on top if you’re going  to gain your frog in a game on one  screen having a twenty one by nine  screen I think is a very ideal gaming  situation and yeah I mean you’re  basically giving yourself more screen  real estate by twenty one by nine and a  better gaming experience and you can put  that sixty mi9 up on top or you could  flip it a vertical and put it off to the  side which is a great way to look at web  pages and that kind of thing as well  Jonathan Haener asked a very good  question well he actually corrected me  first from last month’s video give a  bite not gigabit which was definitely my  mistake when you’re talking about bits  versus bytes and how they are calculated  and how they are actually shown when  you’re advertised products there is  confusion there but anyway more to his  point  thanks for the SSP discussion I’m still  weighing options for a future upgrade  and I’m slowly becoming less interested  in MDOT to nvme as the prices are simply  too high / gigabit give big bite I feel most consumers don’t need the added performance my thoughts I would  completely agree with you Jonathan  largely because those and nvm aim that  two jacks are still so freak in expensive.

It’s cool to look at like a little  chewing gum stick you know roughly sized  SSD and think like wow that by itself  has the same performance as like a two  or three or four even like six drive  raid array with standard SSD like  standard SATA SSDs some impressive  performance but if you’re not going to  use it it’s definitely not worth it you  really need to have something that you  do with that SSD to make it like worth  the money that you invest in it so I  might  uses video editing because that’s  something where you need a ton of  storage readily available that can  quickly pull off with your permanent  storage and drop into the memory or  whatever now there are some SSDs that  are nvme and m2 that are coming down in  price of bits the SSD 600 P series from  Intel is definitely one of those however  this one has pretty significantly  reduced performance when you compare it  to the much faster ones like the  sequester right here 560 megabits  megabytes per second reads are pretty  fast 1775 but again not quite up there  with like the Samsung 960 s and that  kind of thing however I mean you can  still get this and it will be faster  than a typical SATA Drive but yeah for  your money getting a few SATA drives and  rating them together could be an option  although then you deal with the  possibility of drive failure but yes  we’re now we got to kind of keep  watching those nave drives they’re still  kind of a premium product and they cost  a lot of money but hopefully the pricing  will come down soon  Federico Trenton what do you think about  used hardware what components are fine  even when pre-owned and what to avoid  buying used and I believe this is the  last question yes it is all right so it  doesn’t that is a good question I might  do a separate video on this as well but  let me run down the parts first off and  I’ll say what I think is good and what  is not okay first off CPUs.

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Part to buy used as long as they’re confirmed to work because CPUs very  rarely fail and they typically don’t suffer from performance degradation if  you can ask if the CPU you’re buying used has been overclocked and  particularly if it’s been run at a high voltage for a while that would be the  one caveat where I would say don’t buy  it if it’s been like overclock for the  past three years running it 1.5 volts or something like that CPU cooler yeah you  can you can buy those used I think just  make sure you know they’re cleaned off  and everything that doesn’t apply to  liquid coolers though I wouldn’t do that  the pump will fail eventually  motherboards next that’s hit or miss you  can’t have individual parts of a  motherboard that fails so that would be  a warning sign like if you buy use  motherboard and they set it up and it  works and I go everything’s fine then  you go to connect your network and like  the NIC is dead or something like that  that would suck so I’ve kind of 50/50.

Buying used motherboards memory is  usually okay again  it’s confirmed work memory does go bad  eventually over time but typically if  it’s working it’s working and will last  for a very long period of time storage I  would say no hard drives and SSDs you  typically don’t know how much they’ve  been used and again they will die  eventually so unless you can get like a  snapshot of the smart readout from the  drive so you can know exactly I company  how many bytes have been written to it  and that kind of thing  typically I would not recommend buying  storage second hand a graphics card I  would say it’s probably okay again as  long as it’s cleaned and not like  completely caked with dust and that kind  of thing case is probably okay again as  long as it’s been cleaned out cases have  a very long lifespan power supply as  well as long as it’s a decent power  supply if it’s 80 plus rated and it’s  from a reputable manufacturer they  should have a very long lifespan and  again philosophy cleaned and not caked  with dust and hasn’t been used by a  smoker that kind of thing and I think  that’s just about all the parts.

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