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5 Points to Keep in Mind for Your Menstrual Hygiene

Ladies are you on your periods? Itching, irritation, cramps and more? I know it’s really hard.

Most of the women don’t care much about hygiene during menstruation. Menstruation is the time where a woman’s body needs utmost attention and self-care. During menstruation taking proper food is important and maintaining proper hygiene is very important. You care a lot about your skin, hair, and body right? Just like that, you should take care of your intimate area if you want to avoid problems in future.

You will feel the difference in your period experience if you follow these basic hygiene tips: 

Wear proper underwear:

It is important to wear something comfortable during those days especially. Because comfort is all you need during periods. Don’t you agree ladies? So wear comfortable and clean underwear. Avoid underwears like thongs or underwear made of fabric that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe well. This will lead to irritation, rashes, and infections. Go for high quality cotton panties and avoid wearing light colored panties. High waist briefs will make you feel comfortable during periods and bloating and put discomfort at bay.

Make sure to change your sanitary napkin every 4-5 hours:

Changing your sanitary napkin is very important if you want to avoid irritation or itching. Whether your flow is heavy or low, it’s important to change your pad every 4-5 hours. Ladies whose menstruation flow is less tend to use one pad per day. That can be dangerous. This is because our menstrual blood, when released, attracts various microorganisms from our bodies, and can multiply as warm regions can be a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply and cause irritation, rashes, or urinary tract infections. Changing your sanitary napkin or tampon regularly prevents infections and keeps your vagina healthy.

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Never use two pads at once:

A lot of women do this and seriously there’s no point in doing this. Never use two pads simultaneously. In case if your flow is heavy use XL or XXL pads or try to change the pad frequently. If you think using two sanitary pads can control the flow and prevent staining of clothes, hear me out – this is definitely a bad idea. And this can cause infections in the vaginal region. Stick to one and keep changing it frequently or when it’s full.

Dispose your sanitary napkin properly:

Disposing off your pads or tampons properly is very important. Make sure you wrap them in paper or a biodegradable plastic bag in such a way that the bacteria doesn’t spread. Do not flush them, since that will block the toilet, spreading the bacteria all over it. Wash your hands with a sanitizer or hand wash properly after disposing it off.

Wash yourself properly:

Last but not least, this is very important. Most of us don’t wash our vaginas with care. And in the worst case, they wash with soap which is very harmful. Washing your intimate area with soap can lead to an imbalance of the pH level of your vagina and can cause itching and irritation. Washing your vagina regularly with an intimate wash is very important, because these organisms stick to your body after removing your sanitary napkin. And on the other hand, most people wash themselves regularly, but not in a proper way which is, washing from the vagina to the anus, not anus to vagina. Washing from the anus to the vagina can steer the transmission of the bacteria from the anus to vagina or urethra opening leading to severe infections and irritation.

By following these amazing tips you can make your period days a hassle free one. These fundamental rules will help you stay healthy and manage your periods in a better way:)


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