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Getting Started: Living Room Essentials for your New Home

With so many choices of furniture, accessories and decorations, knowing how to fill the empty living room of your house or apartment is not an easy task. From living room furniture to entertainment options, accessories and decor, this basic list of living rooms will help you determine what is essential to have on your living room.

1.    sofa

The first thing you need to have on your living room is ultimately the sofa.  As the largest piece of furniture in the room, the sofa is essential for setting the exact space tone, so it is important to ensure that it matches the overall tone of the living room: color, material, size and style.
 Buying a sofa is an investment, so make sure to make the right choice. Ask yourself whether a leather sofa or a fabric sofa is best for your family. 

2.    armchair

Armchairs are a great way to provide guests with more seating in the living room. This style of chair needs to be added to the back of the sofa because it needs to complement the style. Some armchairs are placed in pairs with sofas.
 In addition, it is a good choice to increase the style of the chair to suit the style of the sofa. Also, when considering where to place the chair, plan ahead. You should make sure that your living room does not feel cramped, but, on the contrary, adding chairs is a good way to fill in excess negative space.

3.    Accent chair

The living room needs to use an accent chair to provide more seating to balance the space. If you put the accent chair next to the sofa, you can talk to guests in a comfortable corner. Aside from a armchair, an accent chair can also be a great choice to provide more seating to your guests and family members. 

Coffee Table

Then, you need to buy a coffee table for your family. The coffee table can store your morning coffee, afternoon food and your belongings all day long.

5.    side table

In addition to the coffee table, the side table is an ideal way to increase the surface area of ​​the room. In particular, it is preferably a table that provides a space for people who sit on the edge of the sofa to provide a drink. Remember to choose the height that suits your sofa or chair.


We wouldn’t want to expose our windows in the living room. For decoration and function, we decorate the frame with a set of curtains. It helps to control the amount of natural light that enters the room, while at the same time decorating the room colorfully. Choose high-quality and eye-catching designs. 


There are numbers of accessories that you can add on your living room. These are Carpets, pillows, artworks, lamps, and decorative ornaments. They add a layer of color, texture and style to your living room. By choosing the right accessories, you can take your living room to a new level. Accessories can add a lot of styles and functions without spending money. 
Carpets: Carpets are usually the ideal accessory to start decorating because it determines the color palette of the room. They come in various shapes, sizes, patterns and materials.
·Cushions: Adding cushions on the sofa or chair is very beneficial for those with back problems and can increase the comfort of each seat. In addition, cushions can create a lively atmosphere on an otherwise boring sofa or chair.
·Wall decoration: Photos and artwork convene the living room. No one likes blank walls, so consider investing on beautiful walls.

 Decorative ornaments: Objects that show off your personality are a great way to inject your character into a boring living room. Some example are plants and flower vase. 
·Lamps: When you want to read a book or read a magazine, add a sofa-side table lamp is great to provide targeted lighting. 

Entertainment Objects

For most families, the TV is the focal point of the living room. From the TV cabinet to the entertainment fireplace to the entire entertainment center, the choice of how to store the TV is overwhelming. It is a good idea to choose a media console that melts the room well and provides all the functions you need at the same time. Don't forget to choose the right equipment for the TV. 
 If you have decided on what essentials you are going to purchase and put in your living room, I highly recommend you to shop for designer chairs here. I hope this tips helped you on creating a functional living room. See you next time!

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