5 most effective Digital Marketing Channels in 2021

As a digital Marketer, one of the most important aspects of the job is to identify and utilize channels to promote content. Many times, a successful marketing campaign can help mediocre content shine solely due to marketing. 

Such is the power of Digital Marketing Channels in 2021. One of the saddest parts is that without taking advantage of these channels, even good content cannot get the attention they deserve. 


In the world we live in, people have short term memory when it comes to mediocre products. If there is nothing that appeals to a particular individual, your services or product will go unrecognised. 

This is largely due to the variety and competition most field have. You can try searching for “healthy diet plans” and you’ll come across hundreds of posts, articles, videos and even influencers promoting different products or services. 

So in this ocean, going unrecognised is akin to drowning. To stay afloat, you need to maintain your relevance, image, brand and your services. One of the ways that companies adopt for this is marketing. 

Now we are past the age where marketing only meant paper clippings and televised ads. In this day and age, there are tons of different marketing channels and if your business in 2021 is not utilising these channels, then your business is more likely to drown. 


Traditional marketing channels utilise print media as well as Television, Radio’s and ad. Boards to market a product. Now while they were effective and stil are a good option, Traditional Channels have much narrow approach.  

You won’t be advertising your content and product to someone in a different country that easily through traditional means. Not only will it cost a lot, building trust in a different region will take time. 

Digital Marketing transcends these boundaries. Everyone on a digital platform is part of your audience and their location can have minimum effect on your marketing.  

Digital marketing is relatively quicker, efficient and most importantly cheaper. You could even do it on your own without any external agency.   


These channels are not special or hidden. That would defeat the whole purpose of marketing. Rather these channels are available in the public forum for everyone.  

Email Channels and SEO are just a couple of examples of some popular marketing channels.  

Let us look at these channels that range from SEO to email marketing that are now tried and tested methods of promoting content.  

Below is a list of 5 most effective Digital Marketing Channels in 2021: 

  1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization  

SEO is one of the most important and primary digital marketing channels. Not just in 2021 but for quite some time now, SEO has garnered a lot of attention. 

This attention is a result of marketers realizing the importance of coming up in a simple google search. As one of the first places to start any research, search engines are one of the most important platforms for businesses.   

Proper optimization will help in increasing traffic and clicks on your website/content. It is by far one of the most effective digital marketing channels. 

Missing out on the top results can be quite detrimental to your success. people hardly ever go to the third or even second page of google search results. This makes it necessary for SEO to be utilized in the best way possible.  

If your content is good but not accessible, sadly there is no point In creating it, unless and until you utilize these channels. 

For Example, if you run an escape room business, your priority should be to optimize your website so that it comes up when people search for “best escape rooms in XYZ”.  


Emails are one of the most forms of lead generation. As a business or as a marketer, one of the most important of marketing is to increase leads. Emails are by far one of the most important and popular forms of leads. 

Email Marketing is not only quite effective, but it is also a very simple way of staying in contact with the leads you generate. These are people who have already expressed interest or given consent by sharing their emails. 

Email advertisement is a good way of native advertisement since people will be seeing parts of your content rather than actual advertisement. This quite good as it creates interest at a much faster speed and lower costs. 

Newsletter, updates, offers or even alerts are quite effective in getting the attention of a potential customer or following up on a lead. 

Emails are still one of the most utilised form of communication and people still use it for personal or work purposes. Having access to these emails via leads is a glorious opportunity. 

As a channel, utilising this opportunity can be great to spread information regarding sales, offers and even lucrative opportunities.    


Social Media is perhaps one of the most powerful and influential tools in the hands of a marketer. As a digital marketer if you are able to generate interest through social media, you will essentially create a lot of leads.  

Understanding your product and customers is the key. Knowing the kind of audience, you market to will not only allow you to maximize your marketing efforts but do it seamlessly.  

Most platforms available on a handheld device utilize a scroll feature. This is perhaps one of the best features since people advertently or inadvertently will stumble across your advertisement.  

The kind of engagement that is possible through various social media platforms is much greater than indirect marketing through TV and Videos. 

This is because social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook are one of the most popular platforms for engagement. These platforms allow one to one interaction with your followers via comments, posts or even the chat system.   

Social media marketing is also an effective feedback mechanism wherein through comments and likes, you can figure out the popularity of your content and demands of the people.  


As mentioned above, video marketing might not be as effective as Social Media marketing in terms of engagement. But what it lacks in engagement, it makes up in the creative display. 

Creating a visually appealing and pleasing video for your content that demands attention or self-publicizes is one of the most effective and recent marketing channels. 

There is a reason why people remember jingles or goofy advertisements from the late 90’-early 2000’s. It is because Advertising through visual channels creates a much more memorable effect on those who watch it. 

We learn what we see much faster than reading or even listening. Watching something that appeals to us will create a lasting impact on your audience, thereby creating an interest.   

One of the best ways to create buzz is through videos marketing. Platforms like YouTube seamlessly integrate video advertisements with content 

Video Marketing can also be done through televised advertisements. A popular and trendy advertisement will generate leads and interest even after it is no longer advertised. 


Influencer Marketing is quite popular nowadays. Various social media personalities are more than happy to promote your product or content as part of a sponsorship deal.  

Even if you don’t have a sponsorship program, getting a recommendation or even mentions from an influencer can be quite beneficial. 

Think about it, how likely is it that you will buy or try an unknown product if it is recommended by someone you trust? We tend to experiment and follow in footsteps for our peers and idols. 

Similar to social media channels, influencers appeal to a dedicated audience who trust them. while people might not trust your content directly, a recommendation or even a mention will help you in building trust. 

Building an image and reputation is quintessential for building a brand and thus, trust plays a very important role. Influencer marketing will help you in building trust gain recognition. 


These 5 Digital Marketing Channels are quite effective and if you are a business owner or a digital marketer, it is important that you realize the importance of utilizing these channels.  

  1. SEO 
  2. Email 
  3. Social media platforms 
  4. Videos 
  5. Influencers 

Now these don’t sound new or unfamiliar to us. A positive and planned use of these channels is definitely worth a try and something that will help you in gaining traction when starting your business. 

Even as an established business, having an online presence and marketing strategy can boost your sales and brand image. 

If you are still under the delusion that traditional marketing techniques are just as effective then you need to utilize these techniques to see the result. Not only will you appeal to a much wider audience, but you will also fulfill your business goals much faster as well.  

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