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Technological masks, new solutions to prevent covid 19

Covid 19 pandemic has not shown signs of cooling down globally! In addition to conventional solutions to prevent epidemics, scientists around the world are constantly finding more advanced and effective therapies and technologies in preventing pandemic outbreaks. Technology masks are one of the new ideas and inventions. So does a technology mask really help prevent Covid-19?

Technological masks

With the ability to kill bacteria through heat or carbon filters, copper, graphene, self-cleaning fibers, modern masks are expected to be a useful tool to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, facemasks and respirators is considered as the most basic and effective solution that reduces the spread and infection of the new Corona virus. Some countries around the world require citizens to use a mask when going to public places. The demand increases, causing the supply shortage, causing price increases in many places.

According to the medical technology analysis firm Life Science Intelligence, global sales of respirators and respirators rose 211% and 305%, respectively, exceeding predictions made before the pandemic. This number will increase if the pandemic continues to rage around the world.

Along with the strong outbreak of covid 19, scientists around the world are also constantly researching and testing methods to stop the spread of this dangerous virus, including the “mask of technology”. . This is a new product line integrating modern and intelligent technology. Unlike conventional respirators that are just materials that filter, block and clean breathing air, technological masks actually have breakthrough advantages.

The most common and standard mask today is the N95 mask. You can also find out information about effective anti-epidemic masks to use on the market.

With N95 type, the ability to retain fine dust and bacteria thanks to the filter layer and electrostatic properties, allowing 95% of the oil-free particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. However, Corona virus has a smaller size (about 0.05 – 0.2 micron), if a mask with this size filter is produced, it will be difficult for the wearer to breathe. In addition, N95 standard masks cannot be reused many times.

Materials that are both reusable and self-destructive will be the preferred solution in the production of technological masks, in which copper is a good material that meets the above requirements and can kill viruses Corona within 4 hours. The positively charged copper ion absorbs bacteria and most viruses (has a negative charge), then destroys their ability to replicate, significantly reducing the number of viruses that are capable of transmitting the disease. face mask. In addition, silver ions and zinc ions, which are often found in common masks, are also used through these fibers inside the mask.

A scientist named Vomaris Innovation has studied electric fibers capable of creating weak electric fields when damp. Tests of Vomaris on a Corona virus strain similar to the one that caused Covid-19 showed that this filament significantly reduced exposure of the Corona virus under test after just one minute. However, to prevent it completely, it is not possible to succeed at the present time.

A new type of mask with carbon fiber and charged via a USB port capable of destroying all viruses that are “caught” on the surface has been announced at Israel Technion University of Technology education system. According to a scientist in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, users only need to remove the mask, connect to the power source from the power bank or socket via USB and wait 30 minutes for the process to heat up to 70 degrees. C treats viruses and bacteria.

This mask has a design similar to the N95 is circulating in the market, possessing a vent valve on the front and rubber wire to loop over the head. The products introduced will be economical for users and environmentally friendly thanks to the ability to reuse.

However, users cannot wear a mask while killing bacteria and viruses by heat due to heat up to 70 degrees C. They are required to remove the mask for disinfection to be carried out on the filters. This shows a lack of thoroughness and inefficiency in anti-epidemic action.

At the present time, there is no mask on the market that both helps to completely prevent the spread of the Corona virus, while destroying them while wearing. Although scientists are still diligently researching other technological masks, they have not shown effectiveness and relevance in the pandemic.


In the face of the complicated developments of covid 19, the strict adherence to epidemic prevention measures is still the most basic and effective. Although common masks can not completely eliminate Corona virus, they also prevent the spread of covid most thoroughly 19. When no effective new technology has been put in place, Wearing normal masks is still the first priority solution, if used properly regularly, they still achieve high efficiency in epidemic prevention. If you want to own quality masks with many incentives with great price, Halolife mask coupon is a top choice for you.

Before the complicated pandemic situation, hope you and your family will have useful information as well as access to the right solutions to protect yourself and your loved ones!

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