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5 Things you Should know Before Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hello guys after through research &Negotiation on hair transplant. I have come to know some amazing fact.

I would like to share such facts on hair transplant in Mumbai with you all. In lockdown period i.e from 22 march 2020 I have done online research by sharing my picture by different hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.

I have shown interest in hair transplant & asked following question to 

Around 126 different hair transplant doctors in Mumbai

  1. How much time & grafts I need for hair transplant? 
  2. Is there any major complication or risk involved in hair transplant ) 
  3. Is there any guarantee of results of hair transplant?
  4. Cost of hair transplant in Mumbai?
  5. What are the different test & pre- operative investigation needed before going for hair transplant?
  6. Post-operative care with hair transplant?

I have got many different & interesting answers from different hair transplant doctor in mumbai. After evaluation of those answer I would like to stress on following 5 things which you should be aware about before you go for hair transplant in mumbai.

Meet hair transplant doctor in mumbai:

I have observed one interesting thing when we call any hair transplant clinic in mumbai its not neccesary we speak to genuine  Hair transplant doctor. Lot of IT companies are involved into lead generation business on google. Such companies just provide your contact details to many hair transplant doctors. Most of the time you speak to some IT company expert when you search for hair transplant in mumbai. So, its important to make sure one speak to hair transplant doctor in mumbai when you search.

Guarantee is to fool you. 

Have read consents form of many hair transplant clinic in mumbai, even in  guarantee of 20-25 years they have put up many terms & conditions. Many hair transplant clinic in mumbai talk about guarantee but it’s just additional paper in your existing consent so, there is no guarantee of hair transplant.

Cost of hair transplant in mumbai.

Interestingly, cost of hair transplant in mumbai is highest in south mumbai areas like south mumbai costs  minimum 2-3 lacs for hair transplant . From Bandra to andheri & Dadar to    cost of hair transplant in mumbai is around 1lac to1.5 lacs. Most affordable hair transplant is available from andheri to virar like cost of property in mumbai is more depend your area one choose.

Genuine hair transplant doctor In mumbai.

Genuine & Qualified hair transplant doctor in mumbai are not much into marketing & bargaining while clinics, which do not have many patients they do lot of negotiation & buffering for hair transplant.

Google is not everything.

“word of mouth” is highest valued source of best hair transplant in mumbai any good SEO company can market any doctor or clinic as hair transplant doctor in mumbai 


Hair transplant clinic in mumbai but, when you choose right hair transplant clinic , than not necessarily its or top page of google .

Good hair transplant surgeon in mumbai may not be good in marketing. Go to your family physician & ask friends as well for best hair transplant.

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