Cosmetic Box

Color correcting concealers are used for veiling flaws of the skin like acne, bruises, veins and dark circles. The sticks are available in various colors like green, orange, pink and yellow, each of which is utilized for a different purpose. For instance, orange concealer is a commendable product for coveringContinue Reading

man bracelet

1. Quality Quality is one of the most important elements in creating anything. Accessories are very easy to get lost, damaged and so on. Therefore, in this article, I will talk about the quality of making an accessory such as a bracelet. How do you know if this is a qualityContinue Reading

Ajrakh Printing of India

There is a famous saying claiming the old as gold. This is a true saying in every sense of the term. The saying is especially true for ancient arts and designs. India has a rich tradition of culture, and there are many old designs that are relevant even today. OneContinue Reading

Ethnic fashion

Some people says that winter is a gloomy season, that you can only wear dark colors but this season hasn’t to be boring, you can use bright colors, embroidered or printed clothes it will help you to highlight your outfit.  An option to add color to your look is useContinue Reading

uber for massage

The Uberization of all the major on-demand services has made it convenient and easy for the busy humans to get a quick service delivery wherever they may be  located. Services like the massage industry especially have become more popular today due to the Uberization of its services and the presenceContinue Reading

suits your personalities

We all needs to know that what kind of dress will suits to our personalities and then according to that only we need to dress here are some bottom wear option which you can try with your kurti according to your personality. Here are some options which you can tryContinue Reading

pair of earrings

The selection of the right pair of earrings is not that hard that it may seem. But, there are numerous factors that one should keep in mind while selecting the right pair of earrings. Earrings are something that enhances your overall look with a blink of an eye, the rightContinue Reading