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We deliver the words which relate your feelings. We are your power of speech. We provide a genuine platform to switch around smudges that have been hypnotized to different things. We encourage you to write about your feelings and opinions. Use our platform and share your thoughts, feelings and ideas freely with the world, after all, we provide a force to change the thinking of people. 

Your writings are welcomed

We will warmly welcome your writings. We are just like a blank paper which empowers the society through your knowledge. We respect your thoughts and we never judge you. We believe in the genuineness of thought and that’s why we provide you with a platform for the same. Here are some interests and topics for which you can write. 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Tech
  • Eco
  • Travel
  • Health
  • How to
  • Beauty

Here are some guidelines that you have to follow before writing a content

  • The content should not be copied. It should be unique and original.
  • We don’t accept the spinners in the words if we found that we won’t ask you again 
  • We accept 500-700 words in the body part. The summary part should not have more than 250 words.

Learning without earning

We provide you with an amazing platform where you can learn but don’t earn. We are like a podium which inspire people to share their knowledge and ideas to a wider section of the world. 

Keeping your content exclusive is our responsibility

We commemorate for your content. But, you should make sure that you don’t post the same content that you forwarded us as it may be indexed as plagiarised and may affect the ranking. 

We’ll be delighted if you provide your topic in advance. So, knock the door of a trusted platform and start sharing your views and ideas today. You can simply drop your mail at [email protected].


  1. Need more than 500 words SEO optimized Content with a copyright-free image.
  2. We will edit the original content if we need any changes.
  3. The post will be deleted at any time if we found any issue with it.