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The word “Pesach” instantly reminds you of some of the words associated with it such as “cooking and cleaning” before you think about all the traditions and things that go around during the phase. Unless you find cooking and cleaning as a pleasing thing for you, the preparations for the Passover can turn out to … Read more

Latest Update about Passover Program Morocco 2021

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Many tour operators are organizing the Passover program 2021 in Morocco. There are various Pesach hotels and luxury resorts in Morocco that are offering kosher meals to their Jewish guests. We have fantastic Passover Programs for 2021 in Morocco. If you have a good budget for Passover vacation, you can choose to stay in a … Read more

What is The Most Important Day of Pesach?

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Most Jews in America celebrate Passover Seder than any other Jewish ritual. According to the Pew research centre, Jews across different countries celebrate Pesach more than any other Jewish ritual.    The Passover is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of ancient Israelites from the Egyptian monarch slavery. In Hebrew Bibles, it is mentioned that God had … Read more