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Passover which is a Jewish holiday lasts for 7 long days if you happen to follow the customs which are practiced in Israel for a long. This holiday by-far is considered to be one of the most widely observed holidays amongst each community of Jewish people. The celebration of PassoverContinue Reading

seder night

Seder night is very special because all the family members meet at one place and retell the story of Haggadah. By implementing the following tips, you can make your Seder night special and unforgettable. You can also plan to celebrate Seder at a beautiful destination by booking your seat inContinue Reading

Passover Destinations

Most Jews in America celebrate Passover Seder than any other Jewish ritual. According to the Pew research centre, Jews across different countries celebrate Pesach more than any other Jewish ritual.    The Passover is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of ancient Israelites from the Egyptian monarch slavery. In Hebrew Bibles, itContinue Reading


The basic Passover storyline is that the Pharaoh is a fearful monarch in Egypt. At that time, too many Jewish people were living in Egypt and they were slaves of Pharaoh. This fearful monarch used to take away new born male babies of Jew and kill them. Fortunately, a newContinue Reading