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Fasting can cause many problems with the spine and weight gain over a lifetime. Toshiki Fukutsudji, a Japanese physician, developed a unique method for shaping the body about 10 years ago. All you need is a bath towel. This simple technique will help you shed belly fat in 30 daysContinue Reading

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How to Lose Belly Fat In Short Time? Fat burning is a sturdy thing to do. It is quite difficult to maintain weight by burning unwanted and stored fats of your body. Some people need instant results to burn fats but some focus on steady and slow methods. However, itContinue Reading

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As an individual a person is generally busy working or doing some or the other activities on daily basis we tend to stay busy as per our routine with such an unpredictable and busy. We forget that we also need to take care of ourselves in many ways it isContinue Reading

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Gaining weight can be a very big problem for many people and this problem has increased dramatically over the past few years. An individual can slim down without having to spend money on memberships. When trying to shed weight be sure that you acquire sufficient sleep. It’s important to knowContinue Reading

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If you are looking for a safe weight loss, there are many things you have to do and many things you have to avoid. A combination of good diet, healthy lifestyle and physical activity with weight loss pills is the safest way to lose weight. If you are patient enough,Continue Reading


Obesity is referred to as the second top cause of cancer after smoking. There are approximately one-fifth of those cancer deaths listed in the USA associated with obesity. But how is fat stimulating the evolution of tumors? How can obesity raise the risk of cancer? Many likely mechanisms are suggestedContinue Reading