influencer marketing

In the recent years, influencer marketing has experienced an exponential rise with brands spending more and more on their marketing strategies that streamline the concept of influencers. A $10 billion industry that has undergone few hiccups, faced challenges, and also stimulated brand promotion campaigns for many small and mid-sized enterprises.Continue Reading

SEO campaign

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains an effective and vital marketing strategy despite a dramatic change in the digital landscape. The SEO service boosts the organic ranking of a website in the search result that drives more traffic, visibility, and eventually increases the potential for sales for a company.  The serviceContinue Reading

PPC Trends 2020

PPC (Pay-per-click) is an online advertising medium where advertisers pay for the clicks on their ads. Usually, search-engine companies like Google and Bing act as the ‘middle-man’ and post ads online, and the advertiser only pays for the links that are clicked by the user. Pay-per-click has gained a rabidContinue Reading

What would you say about working with an animal profile on Instagram? What connects animals, people, and Instagram? Well, the profiles that watch thousands of followers, while the influencer is a dog, cat, and even piglet. See the ones that are most popular. 1) jiffpom Internet star in the form of aContinue Reading

YouTube marketing strategy

YouTube is now one of the most actively used social platforms; this is proven by numerous studies and surveys. Almost a third of all Internet users worldwide use YouTube. To top this number: That is a total of one billion hours of playback time , which are created daily byContinue Reading

Benefits of Famedgram

There are lots of businesses struggling to get the right exposure on a popular website like Instagram. This is because they just can’t create the needed awareness for their products given the stiff competition in such a platform. The major challenge is that trying to get lots of followers forContinue Reading

Lead generation

Is it possible to use the blog to generate quality leads for your company? The answer is yes: if the contents are of a high standard and proposed through a correct digital marketing strategy, they can contribute to the so-called lead generation. As you certainly know, lead generation is definedContinue Reading

mobile app development companies

Certainly, the hard work and dedication consumed in building remarkable mobile apps is now considered a historical perspective. Let’s suppose that you have already deployed the app on iTunes and Google Play Store. If you are mobile app developer, you’ll mostly expect people to download the app in a winkContinue Reading