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Easiest Method To Lose Weight With A Towel

Fasting can cause many problems with the spine and weight gain over a lifetime. Toshiki Fukutsudji, a Japanese physician, developed a unique method for shaping the body about 10 years ago. All you need is a bath towel. This simple technique will help you shed belly fat in 30 days and improve your posture. The procedure takes five minutes a day and does not require any equipment. In less than a month, you can tone your muscles, shorten your waist, and strengthen your back.

The book sold six million copies when it was first published. If you apply this method correctly, your spine will straighten and your body will soon take shape. Furthermore, your internal organs will be placed in the most favourable position for them. The essence of this effective strategy is quite simple because it involves only one exercise. Here is how to perform it:

Step 01: 

Take a towel and roll it tightly so that it is 15 inches or 40 centimetres long. And 3 to 4 inches or 7 to 10 centimetres thick.

Step 02:

 Sit on a flat, hard surface, a soft bed or sofa will not work. It is best to use a fitness mat on the floor. Put the towel behind you.

Step 03: 

Hold the towel and lie gently on your back so that it passes directly over your body below your waist. Just below your belly button.

Step 04: 

Spread your legs at shoulder height and bring your legs together. The big toes should be pointing toward each other. The heels should be 8 to 10 inches or 20 to 25 centimetres apart.

Step 05: 

Extend your arms over your head, bend your arms down, and attach your little fingers.

Step 06: 

All you have to do now is hold this position for five minutes.

Step 07:

 After that, gently lift so as not to hurt yourself, as your bones and joints move slightly during the exercise.

This is the most important point that makes the practice effective. Hands, feet and towel should be in the correct position.

1. Adjust the position of the towel under your belly button.

2. Alms Fingers Correct the position of the face from the fingers of the lower hand.

3. Correct the position of the foot eight inches in the heel.

The practice may be a bit uncomfortable at first but over time it will become easier. It’s hard to hold this position for the first five minutes, so you can practice for two to three minutes. You will notice results in a month. This technique is a great alternative to posture correction practice. You will significantly narrow your waist and get a perfect belly. However, if you have some muscle or skeletal problems, consult your doctor before trying it.

It seems that this exercise not only promotes weight loss but also helps to effectively heal back pain and strengthen the abdomen. The science behind this is that any extra layer of fat around the abdomen is basically the result of a weak pelvis. The exercise is designed to correct the position of the pelvis, which automatically creates a smaller waist.

If you use this exercise at home, be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you have back problems. Stay healthy and eat well!

Will this towel approach surely assist you get toned abs?

Casey Ho, a fitness influencer and founder of Bloglite, recently started this practice fairy tale in an Instagram post while another influential one boasted of its effectiveness in a viral tick video.

“I’m so sick of fake fitness information going viral,” He said. “First it was waist trainer, then skinny tea, then apple cider vinegar and now you can probably get toned abs in 10 days lying on a towel.”

As a certified fitness trainer, people want to know that if you don’t provide genetically perfect abs, you’re going to work for them.

“All you have to do is lie down for abs, we’ll all do a six pack with a nap,” Ho said. “I’m telling you right now that there are no shortcuts. You need to exercise and eat healthy to burn off the level of fat that covers your abs. “

In that case, it’s time to sit back at home and get back to exercising instead of heading back to the gym.

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