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How Does Ayurvedic Treatment Help In Weight Loss

Who wouldn’t like to be in great condition? It makes you look better and leads to an increase in your overall health. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle overweight has become a significant health issue, in recent times. By a proper diagnosis and efficient weight management The treatment for obesity is possible.

Overweight and Obesity

“Overweight and Obesity” and ” Obesity” are terms that are that refer to excess body weight than the normal weight. Overweight is caused by excess body fat, additional bone, muscle, or water , and is caused by fat accumulation. Obesity can result from obesity when it is not managed.


Your diet as well as your physical activity, weight history, weight loss efforts as well as other health concerns will be examined by your physician.

A body mass index(BMI) is determined by the weight of your body in kilograms by the square of your the height in meters

BMI Values:

Ideal weight: 18.5 + 25
Overweight : 25 – 29.9
Obese: 30 and over

BMI isn’t a reliable indicator in all situations since it is not a measure of weight directly. A lot of athletes who have lower body fat levels have a an elevated BMI.

The measurement of the waist is another factor for determining the degree of obesity. Women who have a waist measurement greater than 35 inches and those with a waist measurement of more than 40 inches are said to be obese. Tests for blood help determine the presence of certain medical conditions that can cause weight gain such as Hypothyroidism Cushing’s syndrome as well as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) etc.

The signs

A high BMI, weight gain around the waistline, breathlessness, and fatigue, sweating excessively sleeplessness joint and back discomfort, skin and low self-esteem are just a few signs of Obesity.

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The Reasons

If there is an imbalance in energy the development of obesity and overweight as time passes. Disorders that result from hormonal imbalances like Hyperthyroidism, PCOS, and Cushing’s syndrome can lead to weight gain. Certain genetic disorders can cause obesity.

Osteoarthritis is known to result in a reduction in physical activity, which leads to weight growth.

Antipsychotics, antidepressants and antiepileptics, birth control pills, and more. can also lead to weight gain.

Risk Factors

A poor lifestyle as a result of inactivity and sitting for long periods of time are significant risk elements.

Foods that contain high amounts of added sugar, trans and saturated fats are associated with weight gain. Sleep deprivation affects the hormones that regulate hunger.

If you’re under a lot of stress, the levels of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress, decrease due to which you consume more. For those who suffer from depression, you can overeat for satisfaction from their emotions. The slower rate of metabolism and a decrease in muscle mass are some of the causes that cause weight gain as you get older.

Being overweight and obese can be genetically inherited too.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss in Jaipur

According to Ayurveda the main cause of obesity and overweight is due to an imbalance in the structure of the tridoshas (Kapha, Vata, and Pitta). The reason for this is because of inefficient digestion or a lack of metabolism caused by excessive Kapha as well as ama (toxins within the body)

How do they work?

The first step is to determine your body type, or dosha imbalances are determined by your physician and the appropriate treatment and time frame are determined. According to Ayurveda weight management, it involves the way in the way food is processed by our digestive system as well as the effect of the liver on anabolic metabolism which causes the accumulation of excess Kapha, and imbalances in Kapha dosha, which causes the development of obesity.. Ayurvedic weight loss therapies, herbs, and massages assist in reducing fat cells. When toxins and fats are eliminated, digestive and metabolism processes that are healthy are reinstated.

Pitta dosha, catabolic metabolism, and Pitta are elevated and anabolic metabolism decreases by particular Ayurvedic treatment.


Abhyanga is a treatment that is a vigorous massage that uses an individualized blend of oil and Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss that revitalize the body and improve blood circulation.

Swedana is a herbal steam treatment using steam and warm oils which aids in the removal of toxins and opening of your pores.

Kizhi Hot medicated pouches are utilized for this treatment. It aids in reducing the amount of fat.

Udwarthanam This is a long and dry massage using herbal weight loss powders and pastes that aid in the elimination of cellulite (dimpled skin) and toning of the muscles.

Udgharshanam This is similar to Udwarthanam however, here you massage your body by the help of a moist, scrub-like mixture, which is allowed to settle before being taken away. It aids in breaking down cellulite and helps tone the skin.

Pizhichil Pizhichil Pizhichl is actually an oil bath to aid in the balancing of muscle tone.

Oral Herbal Medicines These herbs convert excess fat into energy and increase metabolism

Panchakarma Panchakarma therapy, also known as the detox procedure is tailored to the needs of each individual and is a proven method to lose weight.

Exercise Yoga asanas, pranayama exercises, and strenuous walking are recommended to burn fat.

Diet well-balanced and balanced meals in moderate quantities contribute to losing excess fat.

Meditation Mantras and meditation can play a significant role in relieving stress.

Therapy for Losing Weight

One of the most prestigious Ayurveda treatments, Anurag Ayurveda, one of the most renowned Ayurveda Treatment Centre in Jaipur provides one of the top Ayurvedic treatment plans in jaipur for Obesity management and weight reduction. Udwarthanam, Udgharshanam, herbal baths Udwarthanam, Udgharshanam, herbal baths. are all included in the package, in addition to other treatments. Apart from Ayurvedic internal medicine as well as lifestyle and diet modifications, Yoga, Suryanamaskaram, and meditation are also an integral part of the program.