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Reduce Wrinkles

Affordable Beauty Tips That Will Reduce Wrinkles

Aging is an unfortunate part of life and one of the most noticeable hallmarks of it are wrinkles. Caused by facial expression leaving creases in the skin over time, wrinkles can be very unsightly in many instances, which is why understandably most people either want to limit or eliminate them. While there are many expensive, high-profile treatments out there, like Botox, wrinkle reduction doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some affordable ways you can keep skin creasing in check.

Always, Always, Always Use Sunscreen

Quite possibly the number one thing you can do to reduce the presence of wrinkles is to use sunscreen frequently. Sunscreen works by preventing UV radiation from causing physical damage to your skin and contrary to popular belief, isn’t just something that’s important during the summer months as UV damage is a year-round issue.

UV damage can heavily exacerbate the effects of wrinkles as it makes it difficult to maintain the smoothness of skin, making creasing more apparent. So, if you’re really dead-set on eliminating wrinkles, then habitually using sunscreen is a must.

Try Some Spa Treatments

Medical treatments can really break the bank, but spas tend to be a much more approachable option. There are a litany of procedures and treatments available at spas that can be used to help reduce the presence of wrinkles, with chemical peels and laser treatments being some of the most well-known options. One thing that has become increasingly popular over the years is spa microcurrent equipment which helps stimulate facial muscles, ultimately preventing wrinkles from developing.

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Moisturize Your Skin Frequently

In general, your body’s cells operate much more efficiently when they’re in a moist environment. Increased water content allows for much greater nutrient absorption, waste extraction, and immune function, which can improve the longevity and health of cells overall.

This is why moisturizing your face is incredibly important as maintaining a high level of moisture in your skin can prevent the long-term skin damage that leads to visible wrinkling from occurring, letting you maintain a youthful appearance.

Consume More Antioxidants

While it may seem a bit strange, exposure to oxygen can actually harm your skin in certain situations. Specifically, there are particles known as free radicals, which are molecules with oxygen atoms that have an uneven number of electrons that end up taking electrons from your body’s cells to even out, leading to cell damage. Exposure to free radicals is a process known as oxidative stress.

A great way to combat oxidative stress is to consume antioxidants, which are molecules that switch electrons with free radicals in the place of cells. Good sources of antioxidants include foods like turmeric, garlic, ginger, spinach, blueberries, and hazelnuts. With an increase in antioxidant consumption, you should slow down the wrinkling of your skin significantly.

Consider Sleeping on Your Back More

Although it may not seem like a big deal, the position in which you sleep can dramatically impact whether you develop wrinkles or not. When you sleep, you actually move around quite a lot and if your body feels like you’re in an uncomfortable position, you will subconsciously move around. This movement extends to your facial muscles, which will twitch and stretch in response to feeling pressure.

If you sleep on your stomach, you’re almost certainly putting pressure on your face, which will cause your facial muscles to move constantly, which will increase skin wrinkling by a lot. While almost all wrinkling occurs while people are awake, if you don’t habitually sleep on your back, you’re almost certainly increasing your visible age by several years at least.

Finding The Right Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a real hassle as they’re a highly visible indication of age and tend to not look the best, so reducing or eliminating them is the priority of many. Although most people are under the impression that diminishing wrinkles is a costly affair, with expensive anti-aging creams and plastic surgery being at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The reality is though, there are quite a few affordable ways to reduce wrinkling.