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Passover which is a Jewish holiday lasts for 7 long days if you happen to follow the customs which are practiced in Israel for a long. This holiday by-far is considered to be one of the most widely observed holidays amongst each community of Jewish people. The celebration of Passover takes place as an event when the liberation of the Jews took place from Egypt during the ancient Egyptian empire. Regardless of an individual’s religious or cultural beliefs and background, everyone seems to be pretty familiar with the tales of the exodus. To put it shortly, the story recounts how God sent plague one after another upon the civilization of people until the then ruling Pharaoh (the identity is still unclear) finally admitted to providing the freedom of all the Jews who were held in slavery.

We know that no matter what type of celebration it is if there are food and wine involved, one has to bring some exciting gifts as well. Every year during the Passover programs the exchange of gifts takes place. Let’s look at the top 7 gifts you can provide during Passover:

1. Fruit baskets

This Passover, you can offer your host a basket filled with nutrition, freshness, and delicious fruits. You can also add some dry fruits which are dipped in delicate chocolate through a well-respected bakery around. Along with this you can add cashew bars, but make sure every item is labeled right to be consumed during Passover only. In all the gift baskets, it has to be ensured whether it is fruits, desserts, cookies, or chocolate that the wrapping is done neatly for the recipient and you only include things they can eat during this event.

2. Delicate wines

Wine as a gift is an idea that can never turn old. It becomes even more special during the Passover since a cup of wine needed to be drunk on four different occasions during the Seder (that means an adult would drink four glasses of wine!). The reason behind drinking four glasses is because it symbolizes the four promised God to make to the Hebrews. These four promises can be concluded as:

  • I will free you from your burdens
  • I will bring you out of enslavement
  • I will give you help and guidance
  • I will take you as my people

While choosing a wine, it recommended that you go for a lovely dry red wine which is loved dearly in Israel. The content of fine red wine should have excellent grapes, a little bit of Petit Verdot, cabernet franc, and sauvignon.

3. A stuffed soft toy

Ok, this may sound a bit kiddish but who doesn’t love the pinch of cuteness in their gifts during such events. A small, soft, cute piece provides a sweet, stylish, easy to pack gift which will come well under your budget.

4. A memory capturing camera

Even if the area of holiday meal has been announced a no-selfie zone, you would be glad to know the fact that you can capture all those moments. A technologically advanced camera will instantly click all the pictures, keep them segregated as per the date, and works comfortably with easy navigation. This will also work as a bridge between generations and work as the ice breaker to initiate the conversation during the event. 

5. A baked goody bag

You can look up various recipes for something sweet on the Passover program and gift the same to the recipient or host. Something sweet and easy will get the job done and bring a smile to the face.

6. Do it with the candles

During the endless, long, cold winter nights a candle can look as magnificent as the moon in the clouds. Celebrate the holidays by lighting beautiful candles which has an aroma within them made especially as a collection of this period. This beautiful scent of various things such as sea salt, sage, and lavender makes the aura soothing and beautiful for all sitting around the table.

7. A bouquet is a good option

The best thing about a bouquet is that you are sending fresh flowers and blessings to the receiver which will put a smile without any doubt. Make sure to include a handwritten note by giving a lot of thought to it.

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