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How to Choose Suitable Flowers for Different Occasions

With so many options of flowers to choose for your occasion, picking the one which is perfect for your occasion is difficult quite some times. It becomes very easy when you know what to buy for your specific occasion. There are certain types of flowers that go well for the wedding and some for the birthday. In this article, we will discuss which one you can order flowers online for your special event.

Valentine’s Day-

On February 14, every year, the loved ones send red flowers, especially roses, to communicate their sentiments. Rose is one of the world’s significant flowers that you can gift on this occasion. It can communicate feelings and thoughts. Rose, have a large number of color variations like red, pink, yellow, white, and a lot other. On Valentine’s Day, red roses are generally the popular ones. 

But, if you have a question of what number of roses is advisable for you to send? The answer is more, the better. Six and eight speak to a promising number, 11 roses imply that “the one I love most in my life.” Giving a flower delivery of 24 roses is a worldwide practice. Twelve symbolize to represent rose for each month. So 24 roses speak to that “I Can’t quit pondering about you, 24 hours regular”. You need to find out about this and demonstrate your sentimental love to your special people. Going for your online flower delivery in Kolkata from any online store for the rose can be your ideal choice.  

Mother’s Day

Every year on the second week’s Sunday in May month is Mother’s Day. Generally, the pink carnation roses sent to moms on Mother’s Day. The pink color is the ladies preferred color. Carnation blossoms have gotten symbolic of the mother’s adoration. While conveying the blossoms, you can convey a single stem or send a bunch of a few, or you can make a creative flower bouquet arrangement. Red carnations perfect for wishing your mother’s wellbeing and long life. But if you have any quarrel with your mother previously, then wishing her happy mother day will be ideal with yellow carnations. In addition to the above said the importance of the above-color carnations, they also speak to togetherness and long to care for the mother. 

Father’s Day

Every year in June is Father’s Day. It’s great to send yellow roses to fathers. In certain nations, yellow is represent as a symbolisms for males. In Japan, people send white and yellow roses to fathers on Father’s Day, and the number of flowers in the bunch is not restricted.


Christmas is a famous occasion celebrated worldwide as an approach to recognize as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Poinsettia normally used as a Christmas bloom. The shade of this blossom is red, pink, and white, and it has a similar appearance liken a star. People believe that this delightful plant can bring blessing to them. Poinsettia blossoms can be arranged in different designs in jars, vase with candles to expand the happy atmosphere.


Brightly hued blossoms have been a marriage most loved for ages, and a is an excellent choice to vow the decoration of the wedding arrangement. You can make a happening environment by using them. Brightly shaded blooms speak to pleasantness and style. Blossoms, such as lilies, roses, tulips, freesia, and lotus, represent “unconditional love” and “falling in deep love.” You can pick lilies, lotus, and anthurium to decorate your wedding commemoration and wishing to couples “Happy Married Life.”


It is suitable to send roses to wish a cheerful birthday. Roses, daisies, orchids speak to wishes. We can send your dear ones a bunch of roses and fruits, which shows your concern. And for elderly people, you can send evergreen gerberas to wish them wellbeing.

Wedding anniversary

The blossoms you select for a wedding anniversary are totally up to the wife and can be anything they need. Lilies are generally a top, and you can consider picking the same bloom, but in a little bundle. If you are giving a flower to the anniversary couple, remember to coordinate the blossom type with both wife and husband. For a wedding anniversary, the bloom should be diverse, relying upon the year of togetherness. 

Anything around the five-year point could be a daisy, while the tenth anniversary may require a daffodil. The iris is ideal for a 25-year celebration. When you’ve made up your mind with the type of blossoms, you can send anniversary flowers online with flower delivery, which will quickly deliver your flowers. 

Get Well Soon

The first thing to find out when sending blooms to someone who is sick is resting. If they are in the hospital, flowers should not be overly fancy. If they are at home, the freesia flower is the best. Avoid red roses, daisies, and peonies. 

So, whatever the occasion is, flowers are always nice to gift you can also combine other items with flowers, which will help you make the offering special.

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