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What is The Most Important Day of Pesach?

Most Jews in America celebrate Passover Seder than any other Jewish ritual. According to the Pew research centre, Jews across different countries celebrate Pesach more than any other Jewish ritual.   

The Passover is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of ancient Israelites from the Egyptian monarch slavery. In Hebrew Bibles, it is mentioned that God had sent 10 plagues to Egypt as a punishment for torturing Jews.

Finally, God sent the tenth or final plague to Egypt that had claimed the lives of the first-born. God had sent the death-of-angel to the Earth and Jews were spared from this deadly plague. Jews marked their doorways with the lamb blood and death-of-angel passed over their homes. After this, Jews started celebrating this day as Passover every year.  Nowadays, Jews started celebrating Passover at different places and many people have started Passover program for them. If you are planning to celebrate this Passover in different ways then participate in Passover programs 2021. 

How long the Passover celebration takes place?

It usually lasts for seven or eight days and it is based on the specific types of Judaism that are practiced. At present, Jews are experiencing “first-day” liberation in very much need of “seventh day.” Jews feel free when they keep themselves away from harmful addictions, tough jobs, soul-numbing, etc.  During these days of Passover celebration, Jews experience the anxiety of ancient Israelites when they were chased by Pharaoh’s armies. 

On the final day of the Passover celebration, Jews understand the meaning of new and healthy behavior, loving relationships, and the meaning of hard work. The Passover celebration let the modern Jews understand the meaning of liberation that was obtained by ancient Jews on the east bank of the sea. During the 20th century, Jews or Holocaust survivors were free from slavery after the victory of allies. Jews were free in real terms when they settled down in a new land-Israel. Some Jews settled down in Canada, America, and various other lands as well. The seventh day of Passover is very important for Jews. It is so because the seventh day is the greatest moment of liberation.

First Day of Passover?

Jews celebrate the first day of Passover by preparing a special meal at their home known as Seder. Family members gather at one place to eat Seder. Every food item on the Seder plate reminds them about the struggle of the ancient Israelites. The Passover celebration is very important for Jews and it is one of the most important festivals for Jews.

What are the important items that are included in the Seder plate? The traditional Seder plate is comprised of different types of food items and all these items have a certain meaning in Jewish tradition.  

For instance, matzo is prepared during the time of Passover. Matzo is an unleavened flatbread. Matzo is not like traditional bread and it. For example, matzo is an unleavened flatbread and it is prepared without allowing it to rise. Matzo during the Seder indicates that ancient Israelites left Egypt in haste. They were not having sufficient time to allow the bread to rise.

Similarly, another item on the table is parsley that is eaten by dipping it inside the salted water. Green parsley indicated the beginning of new life and the starting of spring. Slated water symbolizes the tears of slave Israelites. The Passover story is described through various food items on the Seder plate.

How the Passover story can be related to modern life? We know that Jews are not slaving any more. But, there are various injustices in modern life that should be considered during Passover.

For instance, lack of housing, less-availability of good-paying jobs, and increase of poverty. Jews can easily relate the story of Passover with the present modern society.

The guests are encouraged to attend a Seder meal at your home. Jews families invite other Jews families at their home to eat Seder meal with them. Thus, Jews people celebrate Seder with their family members and with those Jews who are not capable to afford a proper meal. Does Passover day is the most important day for Jewish people? No, the Day of Atonement is considered the holiest day by the Jews. On this day, Jews do fasting for 25 hours and they offer intense prayers.  

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