Seamless App Clone: The Food Delivery App You Need To Own In 2022

Even before the Global Coronavirus Outbreak happened in 2020, people were already in love with the Doorstep Delivery of Food. Back in the days, Super Giants like Dominos were the ones who delivered On-Demand Pizza within 30 minutes. However, later came multiple On-Demand Delivery Apps like Seamless App Clone that took Food Orders and Delivered to the Doorstep within just a few minutes of placing the Order. 

Besides Option of Doorstep Delivery, this App also offers tons of features that make it one of the Highly Demanded Apps!


Choose Multiple Toppings from the Menu

Under this feature, the App Owner can add multiple Toppings options to the Food Items available in their Menu. Thus, the App Users can customize their Meal and place the Order. For Example, I want to Order a Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt Sandwich from Subway. The Restaurant can offer me to Customize my Meal. Now, I can choose to add Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Onions, with extra White Meat Chicken, and Crispy Bacon. Although, I’ll have to pay extra for Paid Add-Ons! 

Search Item By Its Name

The App Users can now search the Item name that they want. This will save their time by Swiping and Scrolling through the App. To search, the App User needs to tap on the Search Bar, Type a relevant Keyword such as ‘Chicken Roast’, hit the Search Icon. All the relevant Search Options will be displayed on the Seamless App Clone Screen. 

Graphically Represented Status of the Food Order 

Another interesting feature of the App is the In-App Push Notifications. These Notifications Pop Up with Graphical Icons depicting the Current Status of the Order. Thus, the App Users now no longer have to open the Mobile Application again and again to know the current status of their Order. They can see updates like Order Confirmed, Item Preparing, Order Picked Up, Order on the Way, and Order Delivered. 

Add Multiple Kitchen Images 

Even after the Pandemic ended, people were Fear-Stricken of the Baleful Coronavirus. This led to a serious decline in the sales of Food Restaurants. The Restaurant Owners were worried about their Business. However, White Label Food Delivery App came up with an amazing feature wherein the Restaurants could upload multiple images and videos of: 

  • Their Clean and Tidy Workstations and Dining Space. 
  • Their Sanitization and Disinfection Processes
  • Regular Temperature Checks of their Staff, Chefs, In-House Delivery Drivers 
  • Safe Packaging

This feature came in handy to win back the trust of Millions of App Users. 

Voice Note Instructions for the Delivery Drivers 

The App User can now Record and Send Instructions to the Food Delivery Drivers in the form of Voice Messages. This Feature helps the Driver to deliver the Order as per the instructions of the App User. The User can Record the Voice Note, Play it to listen, and also delete it if the recorded voice is shaky or unclear. 

Aren’t these Food Delivery App Features the most Trailblazing and Futuristic? 


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