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What Social Media Tools Should You Use to Grow Conversion Rate by Gaurav Heera?

Social media is considered to be a part of a passive part of digital marketing, especially when it comes to helping convert prospects into customers.

In the beginning, when social media came about, it was viewed as a tool meant for millennials and teenagers. It slowly crept into everyone’s way of living, so much so that brands found the need to start creating their own social media profile.

Fast forward to 2020. Almost every major brand in each sector has an account on Facebook and Twitter.

Despite social media finding more acceptance, it is not viewed as a platform that can help brands and businesses convert actual prospects into customers. Given the heady mix of content one can find on social media, keeping the attention of a prospect becomes challenging says Gaurav Heera.

While using social media to actually get paying customers is challenging, it is certainly not impossible. Hundreds and thousands of influencers have used platforms like Instagram to build entire companies and brands around their social media profile. The reason why so many students throng to digital marketing institutes is a fascination with social media and the desire to become influencers themselves.

In this article, we will discuss some social media tools which can actually help consolidate conversion rate and bring in actual paying customers says Gaurav Heera.


Social media success may seem abstract and innovation-driven, but its mostly a frequency game.

Social media algorithms are built to continually favor accounts and profiles which engage more. If you post more content on Instagram, you will eventually be favored by the algorithm and more people will see your content says Gaurav Heera.

If posting often is the trick, why not automate the process. This is where Zapier comes in.

Whether its cross-posting the same content to different social platforms or sharing blog links, Zapier has you covered.

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg with Zapier.

By creating customized zaps (zaps refer to actions that are automated based on instructions given by the users), marketers can save a lot of time says Gaurav Heera.

By automating the repetitive tasks on focusing on creating engaging content, brands have a much better chance of getting actual conversions with social media.


Lead generation is Lusha’s greatest benefit. If you’re running a B2B business and are in need of a reliable lead generation tool, Lusha is the right option.

Lusha helps you see the contact information of people on LinkedIn, which can otherwise only be accessed by connecting with them or sending a personal message. The contact information can be used for a variety of purposes such as running inbound email campaigns or direct sales calls says Gaurav Heera.

In Conclusion

Social media is a very powerful tool. We stand witness to its reach and influence every time a big event happens and social media then tends to shape the narrative. Digital marketing execs have always tried to master social media and move it towards becoming a conversion-oriented medium says Gaurav Heera.

In this article, we discuss three social media tools that can help grow the conversion rate of a campaign.

About Gaurav Heera This piece was written by Gaurav Heera, a columnist for several online marketing blogs. He is most popular for his content on topics related to digital marketing. One of the top brands he is known to write for is DelhiCourses, an affordable and best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

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