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5 Revolutionary On-Demand Platforms for Lawn Care

Technological innovations have played a vital role in helping major service industries amassing huge profits and revenues. Today every major industry you can think of has an app to help automate and streamline daily operational activities. The latest in line digitizing its services for customers is the landscape industry. This is through on-demand platforms for lawn care.

You connect to lawn care professionals nearby. You can get your lawn cleaned and mowed. 

This application has gone on to assist the industry in amassing huge revenues and reaching the billion-dollar mark. 

Revenuable Solution Explained Through Statistics

According to recent reports presence of solutions such as lawn care on-demand app, the industry has witnessed growth close to 4.6 percent approximately and generated revenues of around 99 billion dollars. 

These figures go on to show the promising future the industry brings with the on-demand lawn care app.

You may come across several lawn care platforms promising you lawn restored to normal state and mowed and cleaned. However, we have listed the top 5 that stand out in delivering quality lawn care services.

5 Best lawn care on-demand app


GreenPal is a popular lawn care platform available mostly in the United States. This is available for you on Android Play Store and iOS App Store, respectively.

Plowz & Mowz

You can connect to nearby landscape or lawn care service providers through the platform. Also, you can connect to nearby snow removal contractors. This is through a few taps on your smartphone or iOS device. Some other services delivered include leaf removal and yard clean up, pet water removal, and so on and so forth. 


Another popular lawn care platform, customers through the assistance of this solution can list their desired requirements that they need the professional to and receive quick quotes in relation to the same. As soon as they perform this step, they need to book the services and within a few minutes, the lawn service professional would arrive and deliver their services. 


Hailed as being the easiest and the trusted brand in lawn care, LawnStarter helps the customer in booking the lawn care services within just a span of a few minutes. All that they need to do is provide their needs, view their respective pricing choose the date they desire the services and then track the service provider and receive services for their lawn thereafter. 


Lawnly ensures you receive the photos of lawns once absolutely clean and job is complete. You get lawn cleaned in three days.

Also your On-Demand Platforms for Lawn Care helps your lawn cleaned. You also get lawn restored to green state and promises the industry at large to make enormous revenues along the way.

So next time you are looking for apps that will ensure a green lawn, remember to have these apps in your device. The app holds a good name in the industry and promises smooth and quick lawncare services for you.

Also, with the presence of the app, you can rest assured the person who cleans your lawn will be thorough professionals. The professionals thereafter shall ensure you get quality lawn services.

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