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Madness of Darjeeling

Spend Romantic Days from The Madness of Darjeeling At the Highest Railway Station

If you’re searching for the perfect place for a honeymoon, which is away from the chaos of the Darjeeling, then you should give our article the mileage it deserves. Darjeeling, which is in northeast India, is a famous honeymoon destination amongst the Indians. But due to the massive tourism in Darjeeling, spending your honeymoon at the usual places is oh-so-common.

You should spend yourhoneymoon in India at Ghoom in Darjeeling, which is situated at 7407 ft height. It’s the highest railway station in India. The most scenic train ride of India, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, was inaugurated in 1879, and Ghoom is the same region where the railway track was first lined. If you’re planning for a perfect honeymoon in India, Ghoom should be your vacay spot!


Ghoom has located approx 7 km from Darjeeling and is a small picturesque town. It’s the place where you’ll get to know about the history of Darjeeling in the best way! The road that connects Darjeeling to Ghoom was once named as “Hill Court Road.” This track is still connected to Darjeeling, Siliguri, Ghoom.

Options For Homestays And Hotels In Ghoom :

You’ll find a wide range of options for hotels and homestays on your journey to Sikkim and Darjeeling. The locals here are very welcoming to tourists. You can stay at Ghoom Monastery after you review your space reaching there. With homestay options in Ghoom, you must stay at the homestays like Kanchan Kanya Homestay, Sambong Tea Estate, and Nestle homestay.

What To Discover In Ghoom :

If you travel from Darjeeling to Ghoom on the most scenic train journey, The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, then you’ll view the Batasia Loop. Batasia Loop, in actual, is a loop of the train track, which is round. The routes is so tempting; then, when you are on the train, the breathtaking snow-covered Himalayan Mountains is your view.

You should tour the Gurkha Memorial At Ghoom, which is dedicated to the brave Gurkha soldiers who lost their lives for the nation India.

The Ghoom in Darjeeling is famous for its Ghoom Monastery. It is just 700 meters away from the Ghoom Railway Station.

Also, don’t forget to explore the Ghoom Museum, which is adjacent to the Ghoom Railway Station. Tour this museum to get to know the history of Ghoom town. You’ll get to see the rail tickets that dated back to 1883.

For honeymooners, there is a place approx 110 ft above named Tiger Hill is present. You should explore the Tiger Hill to witness the breathtaking views of the whole valley.

Plus, your visit to The Tiger Hill will allow you to witness the glorious views of the Kanchenjunga mountain. Did we mention that if you are lucky, the chances are that you can witness Mount Everest too?

Best Places to Visit In Ghoom To Satiate Your Hunger:

Ghoom is famous amongst the foodies for its street food. Here, most places to eat are run by the locals of the Ghoom. There are many famous restaurants in Ghoom which have got the mileage in recent years for its lip-smacking food. A few of them are Capital Restaurant, 30 meters approx from Ghoom Monastery.

Pro Tip: If you are dreaming of taking your sweetheart to the luxurious and romantic eateries, head outside from Ghoom and travel 7 km outside to reach Darjeeling. There are romantic restaurants in Darjeeling in abundance. 

Now you know where to go on your honeymoon in India if you are looking for the perfect romantic honeymoon amidst the hills. Bookmark Ghoom in your Darjeeling honeymoon itinerary, and breathe a sense of relaxation throughout your honeymoon in the picturesque town of Ghoom.

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