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best hairstyles for spring

5 Best Hairstyles for Spring

Spring is around the corner. If you have not felt the urge to go online shopping or to get a new hairstyle using the latest hair extensions in the market, then we are here to get you started. Recently celebrities blessed us with various gorgeous hairstyles that are suitable for all hair types. Whether you want to explore by trying out different new hairstyles or you want to look like your favorite icon, these seasons’ looks will hit you off the ground. Let’s look at some of the best 100% human hair extensions hairstyles for spring.

5 Best Hairstyles for Spring and Tips of How You Can Achieve the Looks

1. Braided Tendrils

If you thought that the 90s hair trend of face-framing was going to end anytime soon, then you are in for a shock. The trend is getting stronger and becoming Instagram worthy. Braided hair style tendrils are not a new style in any way. However, they are sure to pop up on your newsfeed more often than usual.

Tip:  Scoop your natural hair into a bun and weave out two strips of hair on the sides. Braid each part to the ends. You can secure the braids with an elastic band or leave them untied.

2. Use Pearls

Use Pearls

You can never go wrong with pearls. Another trendy hairstyle you should try out this spring is putting pearls on your hair extensions. These glossy white beads can look good on a hair clip or pin, but they would look gorgeous once attached to your hair.

Tip: Part your hair and add a string like -line of pearls on the line you have partitioned. You can also scatter them around on your box braids.

3. Bright Shades

Many people are now dyeing their hair with different shades of color. This spring get prepared to see most of the celebs and fashion influencers playing around with bright colors on their hair.

Tip: The best way in which you can color your hair is by going to the salon. However, if you don’t want the harsh dye treatment, you should try to use a semi-permanent tint.

4. Beachy Hair Waves

Beachy Hair Waves

A Beachy hair wave is an easy hairstyle that anyone can rock during the spring season. As soon as the weather starts to warm up you will want to change from using curling iron on your hair extensions to wanting loose bends.

Tip:  The best thing with this hairstyle is that it’s effortless to achieve the look. Use a flat iron and wave your hair in an S shape. Try not to be too fussy when doing it. Remember that your hair waves are supposed to look undone and not neat.

5. Oversized Hair Clips

The comeback of hair accessories like the 90s clip is nothing new. This spring, you will have to resurrect the usage of snap clips. The bigger the snap clips, the better it will be. This is the perfect time to combine two hairstyles together. Put big clip in pins in your 100% human hair extensions.

Spring is not the time to look dull. You need to come out of your comfort zone and try out the above hairstyles using your hair extensions that will leave you looking dashing than before.

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