6 Ways Companies Can Actually Reduce Your Shipping Packaging Waste

Packaging waste from shipping out products is becoming a more serious problem as it takes up space in landfills and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. This becomes a major concern when you consider that the packaging industry generates millions of dollars in revenue annually. The good news is that there are several ways that your company can reduce or eliminate packaging waste. Below are some tips on how you can do this:

1)    Educate Your Companies and Employees

The first step when it comes to reducing packaging waste is educating yourself and your employees about the importance of sustainability. There are many ways to go about carbon neutral shipping, and you can start by having a conversation with your team members. Ask them about different ideas they have had to eliminate packaging waste. Then, implement those ideas into your business model.

It’s best to always start internally before moving outside your company. This creates a sense of ownership within your organization and makes it easier to communicate changes to other departments.

2)    Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is another great way to reduce packaging waste and move away from using too much plastic. Many consumers now want packaging that is made from renewable sources. For example, many items nowadays are packaged in biodegradable bags and boxes. Other options include compostable products, such as paper and reusable containers.

By using these packaging solutions, you will be able to cut down on packaging waste while also saving money. You should look at the entire lifecycle of the product, including the manufacturing process, transportation, storage, use, and disposal. By choosing an eco-friendly option, you will not only help save our planet, but also improve your bottom line. As a result, eco-friendly packaging can bring several benefits to your business.

3)    Reduce the Packaging You Use

In some cases, companies go overboard with their packaging needs. Many companies think that the best way to make their packaging more attractive is to use more material in their packaging. But when this happens, they often end up sending out packages with unnecessary materials. This becomes a problem because there is too much packaging being sent out, and it ends up wasting valuable resources.

When packing your products, be minimal. Use the least amount of packaging possible to send out your products. If you don’t need something like bubble wrap, then don’t include it in the packaging anymore. It doesn’t serve any purpose and just adds to the waste. Or if you need to add some cushioning to fragile items, you can use shredded paper instead of bubble wrap so that it’s less harmful to the planet.

4)    Be Proactive About Packaging Recycling

Many companies are starting to take steps towards recycling more packaging material. You can place a note inside your package asking customers how they can recycle the packaging. This helps make sure that people know where to dispose of the packaging after they receive it. Another option is to have your packaging printed with information about recycling, so the customer wants to know about how they can reuse the packaging, then the information is easily available to them.

In addition, you can even offer discounts or promos for customers who bring back used packaging. In fact, many retailers already offer rewards programs for customers who are proactive when it comes to recycling. The key to this strategy is to make sure that you have a system in place to track what happens to the returned packaging so that you can be on the road to securing green growth.

5)    Utilize Technology

Technology has been a great help in cutting down on packaging waste. For example, you can now print labels directly onto boxes without wasting time printing them off on a computer and manually placing them on the box. This reduces the amount of waste coming from printing on separate waybills or papers.

RFID technology is also becoming increasingly popular when it comes to shipping. It allows companies to track shipments as they move through the supply chain. This allows them to see exactly where an item goes and how long it spends at each location. This gives them insight into where they could cut back on packaging waste.

6)    Give Discounts for Bulk Orders

Bulk orders are typically much cheaper than individual orders. So why not give discounts to bulk order customers? When customers buy in bulk, there is less packaging needed to ship their others. They can also stock up on essentials, reducing the carbon emissions required for shipping needs. By offering discounts for larger quantities, you’re able to reduce the amount of packaging waste that gets sent to landfills.


There are many ways how companies and SMBs can adopt more sustainable practices. One of them is taking concrete steps to reduce shipping packaging waste. With the right strategies and resources, you can create a positive impact on the environment so that we get to enjoy our planet for years to come!

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