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7 Smart Carpet Cleaning Ideas for messy Pets

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Pet owners consider their pets to be family. And as a family member, it is required to take care of them. How well you take care of your pet is reflected in your home. There are a few things we can do to have a well-behaved clean pet and well-maintained carpets in our homes. Of course, as we all have a lot of work, family and home-related obligations, we need to learn to be efficient. The best way to do so is to develop a routine.

Let’s start with regular pet grooming, and this is a must. Next, you should be mindful of your carpets – choose them carefully and place them strategically. As far as pets are concerned, they should be well-trained as it decreases the chances of accidents. And also, there are fewer chances of pets ruining your other stuff when they know how to behave. You should also get a good vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets properly. Quick reaction and the right tools are essential for optimal results. And an odour remover is an excellent addition to the carpet cleaning routine.

1.   Groom your pet

Clean and well-groomed pets go hand in hand with a tidy home. Grooming includes trimming your pet’s nails and cutting off excess hair. You can do this on your own, but you can also take your pet to the professionals who can do that for you. All these things that the groomers take off are essentially bad for your carpets. Pet owners usually have trouble with excess hair in the wintertime as pets’ bodies produce more fur to keep them warm.

And as it’s warm in your home, they don’t actually need it, so it sheds. Ultimately, the excess fur ends up stuck in your carpet. Claws your pets have can also get stuck in the carpets, but they can also damage the material. So, groom your pet regularly to save yourself the trouble.

2.   Place your rugs strategically

Even if your home is fully carpeted, rugs still play a crucial role in maintaining your home’s cleanliness. So, think about some high-traffic areas and consider placing a rug there. These are usually the places near the entrances where pets enter with dirty paws. Having a rug on the carpet means that you can clean the rug more easily. Australians have even developed a portable paw cleaner, which is very practical.

However, your carpets are bound to get dirty even with all the rugs and paw cleaners. That’s why it would be good to hire professional carpet cleaning in Perth, Sydney or wherever you live, at least once or twice a year for a thorough clean.

3.   Make sure they are well-trained

The fact whether your pet is well-trained largely affects the likelihood of accidents. Make sure that you train it as soon as possible. It’s important to teach it where to do its business. It’s a little easier with cats, as they will instinctively go to the litter box, wherever you place it. Perhaps they need a little help when they’re young. On the other hand, dogs are a bit tougher to teach as you need to teach them to go outside.

4.   Get a good vacuum cleaner

To clean the carpets properly, you need a good vacuum cleaner. It is an investment well worth the money as it saves you time and does the job. A powerful vacuum can suck all the excess fur out of the carpet in no time.

5.   Clean the mess as soon as it happens

Being proactive about the mess when it happens is key. You should immediately react and clean it up whenever a spill or something happens. The longer the mess stays on the carpet, the longer the stain and odour last. A good vacuum cleaner can suck up both wet and dry stains. It would be a brilliant idea to have a first aid carpet cleaning kit prepared for these kinds of emergencies.

6.   Equip yourself with a putty knife

Whatever you do to prevent accidents from happening, you must realize that accidents will sometimes still occur. Perhaps your dog can’t go outside because of the rain or because it has some health issues, so an accident can happen. Or perhaps your cat’s litter box is full, so it doesn’t go there. So, in these cases, the best way to remove solids is with a putty knife. It’s thin, so it’s easier to pick up solids from the carpet.

7.   Purchase an odour remover

If your pet pees on the carpet, the odour lingers there – you probably have experience with such occurrences. If this happened to you, then you also know how difficult it is to get rid of that smell. One way to do it is by getting an odour remover and spraying the critical spot with it.

We love our pets, and they bring us joy and make our lives better. That’s why we don’t mind taking care of them.

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