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Generally, a perfect lifecycle management suite is essential to get support Drupal deployment. This mainly helps to ensure workflow processes from a phase of development to staging even helps with production. Acquia Cloud is a modern Drupal tuned application that helps to manage complete lifecycle management effectively. In common Acquia, the cloud consists of powerful developer user interfaces with a perfect strike on security and robust API and automated deployment through a version-controlled code repository. This works on proven open-source technologies which it is picked, tested and worked for Drupal. A single vendor can support complete infrastructure through the modern acquia system.

Positive effects of Acquia cloud hosting 

On benefiting from a wide range of environments, researchers are striving to acquire additional advantages in every aspect. The below advantages are highly preferred by most of the top vendors. 

  • Effective and fine ways of Drupal distribution installation
  • Developer workflow tools can give enough impacts to deploy content with drag and drop amenities across staging, separate development, and production environments. 
  • Application health can be retained through logging and monitoring tools that give extraordinary values. 
  • It is easy to fetch resizable, elastic and cloud resources that help to weight the servers on demands. 
  • Fortunately, this platform can support any type of business regardless of size and medium. 
  • Through hosting, it is easy to offer a self-service environment to develop or deploy any type of production website. 
  • Moreover, it can deliver a fully managed, wide range of services, scalable features to enhance availability. 

Process methodology of hosting 

Acquia cloud hosting process starts with the creation of a local website through Acquia Dev desktop. This can be hosted by Acquia. The above two features are integrated on both sides that allow you to enhance a website through local means and make it synchronize with different versions. With this implementation, the user can push or pull code, database, and list of files that makes better sense for workflow. the procedural way is explained below

  • Opting right local website on Acquia cloud
  • Then, a separate host option is available that are represented as `host your respective site’
  • Fortunately, if a user already registered a cloud with a desktop, it is better to skip the process and can proceed to the next step. 
  • If a user has already registered with or linked with the account, then have an easy login through entering e-mail id and password
  • Free links are available if it is not registered before. 

For existing subscription 

  • If users have access for more than one Acquia subscription, pick the current one which is needed to be recognized. 
  • Overwrite is easy now where Acquia application has three different environments such as staging, development, and production. For some free website development and staging can be obtained by which the user can overwrite easily. 
  • Insert location of the private key file and enter OK. 

Thus, through hosing users can get two different locations with local from desktop and cloud. Now, it is easy to work on desktop and synchronizes with an external server. 

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