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Meet the most Interesting Animal Profiles on Instagram

What would you say about working with an animal profile on Instagram?

What connects animals, people, and Instagram? Well, the profiles that watch thousands of followers, while the influencer is a dog, cat, and even piglet. See the ones that are most popular.

1) jiffpom

Internet star in the form of a dog. Why not? And it can’t be denied that 9.7 million followers are impressive! Posts in this case also appear regularly, though with an interval of several days. As you can also see on the Instagram profile, the fame of this dog does not end only on social media. He also has his website and email address.

2) nala_cat

As you can see in the screenshot above, this account has over 4.3 million users. What can we find on it? Photos, short movies and even movies on IGTV with the participation of a cat. If you are facing low Instagram followers issues than you can Buy Instagram Followers UK on cheap rates with active followers. The content appears quite regularly at intervals of 1-2 days, and each of them is unique. Often, cat stylizations refer to current fashion, prevailing trends or number one themes, as in the following case:

3) juniperfoxx

Does this fox look happiest? It’s hard to tell. However, the fact is that it has over 2.9 million followers on Instagram, and photos or short videos appear almost every day. And you have to admit that they move the heart.

4) pumpkintheraccoon

This account belongs to both the raccoon and his colleague – a dog. They were saved by a woman who is currently dealing with them and … she set up an Instagram profile for them. Animals have 1.4 million followers, and posts appear every few days.

5) realdiddykong

The time has also come for two monkeys observed by 979 thousand users. Pictures appear rarely on this profile, but the monkeys themselves are considered Internet stars and more and more publications are created about them. Of course, opinions about having these animals are different and you can also see and read about it, which we encourage.

6) this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Maybe you have ever wondered what troubled chinchilla is. If so, then you must observe this profile. You will know the vitality, sounds it makes, and even the types of food for this animal. This profile has 725,000 followers and posts appear every few days. But isn’t it worth the wait?

7) prissy_pig

In turn, as many as 705,000 users watch these mumps. Photos on this social medium are modeled on those that people add. Prissy is also often seen in the company of another pig – Pop. In contrast, photos appear on her profile even several times a day.

8) jureeczek

Although this example does not enjoy such a large number of recipients, it is from Poland. On Instagram has 1,878 followers, and photos appear at least twice a week. Who knows? Maybe after our article, this number will increase and will appear more often? 🙂

As you can see by the number of observers, animals on the web can captivate us. Importantly, often most people give up their own profiles just for their benefit. And we, well … We are happy to watch movies with purring kittens, playing dogs, or even a picture of pigs sitting in the car. Buying Instagram Likes from UK is also helpful for creating more engagement and attracting more users to your profile.

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