Important Things You Should Know About The Anti-Reflective Coating On Glasses

It is necessary to take good care of the eyes as these are so precious and it is even more necessary for people with bad eyesight so that it doesn’t get even worse. However, despite using glasses there are chances of eyes getting hurt due to other factors, especially excessive exposure to light. For such cases, AR coating has been administered.

Let’s know more about this glass coating. 

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Things to know about AR coating on glasses

There are certain things that you should know about the AR coating before you get them. Hence, let’s have a look over certain facts about them:

  • The major purpose of the AR coating is to reduce the glare and reflection over the surface of the glass and hence lets the lights pass directly through the glasses and make the vision clear.
  • As it reduces the reflection, it makes eye contact more effective.
  • As it allows enough light to pass through the glass, you don’t have to put more stress and strain on your eye to get a proper precise view. Hence, reduces eye strain and fatigue.
  • It is scratch-resistant, and dust resistant and these features combined increase its durability as compared to the normal one.
  • Previously, AR coating was not widely used and accepted over the glasses however, with the advanced technologies and features it has evolved greatly with even more features like hydrophobicity and all. 
  • There is a different type of AR coating available in the market according to the specific need of different people. 

How the glass is coated with the anti-reflecting coat?

There is a certain sequence of steps with which the AR coating is applied over the glasses. Those steps are: 

  • First, the glass is cleaned and observed whether there is any kind of scratch or defect present as even a microscopic defect can lead to defective AR coating.
  • Then it is again cleaned properly including ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Then they are carefully loaded with metal racks and then those racks were placed inside the vacuumed coating chamber.
  • Inside the chamber, the lens was focused with a special electron beam containing different metal oxides. Where the electrons were bombarded over it and get adhered to the lens surface. This technique is known as vacuumed deposition technique.

How to take care of such glasses?

Keep the lens cleaned however avoid the use of strong chemicals. Make the lens wet and don’t rub it with dry cloths as it may leave scratches over it. Clean it gently with soft cloth. 


These lenses possess various advantages that make them superior to normal glasses. However, try to know a bit more about it before using it.