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Are online Pharmacies Safe and Reliable?

Use of internet has reached almost 4.33 million people, and most of the uses internet to learn about they can solve their health concern also many of the users also visits online pharmacy websites to purchase prescription medicines.

The best example is that one of my friend bought his medicines online and he received 25% off on her overall billing. And it really amazed me that online pharmacy apps provide discount from 25% to 50% on the overall billings. My curiosity was on it’s peak, so I asked her some questions about the experience of purchasing medications online and how you check the authenticity of any pharmacy website or pharma app. My research on the online pharmacy app and it’s business around the globe lead me to very shocking numbers. 

I have been reading about different regulations for running a pharmacy business over different countries, and after seeing a certain figure I met a conclusion that we do need to raise awareness on the safe purchase of medicines from online pharmacy. At the same time I am also very happy to see that there is also a community of people who keep questioning the working and functioning of any pharma app or website for pharmacy shop

Did someone ever influenced you for buying medicines from any e-pharmacy website or online pharmacy app? If yes then you must have thought about some of these questions. How will you make sure that you are having a good deal? How you will make sure that The medicines you are going to buy online are really safe and approved by physicians or pharmacologists.

You do need to listen this news, in 2012 a man named Andrew Stempler was jailed in florida for running an online pharmacy where he sells fake drugs. The FDA then intercepted prescriptions of medicines that people purchased from his  e-pharmacy store, he was used to promote itself as a Canadian-based pharmacy. More than three quarters of their orders arrived from multiple countries.

In another case, a combined task between Spanish Police and Europe endep up with arrests of many people running e-pharmacy with no registered locations who were importing fake medications from Asian countries and sold those to people throughout Europe. This news stated that people around the globe need to be very cautious while purchasing medications from any only pharmacy website or app. 

 Beware of the online pharmacy which:

  • Let you purchase prescription medication and do not ask for a signed valid prescription
  • Offers the transportation of medicines via shipment.
  • Sends Unrequested emails offering cheap medicines.
  • Do not protect customer’s information including their payment details.

Be cautious while purchasing medicines online,there are many safe and legitimate online pharmacy apps and websites but the unauthorized e-pharmacy which targets patients and put their health and financial details to risk are even more.

There are some certain issues like the transaction process is secured or not, the details you are sharing will be safe while buying medicines from online pharmacy platforms. 

Compared to conventional brick and mortar pharmacies, the e-pharmacy app provides various advantages and comfort at the same time, Have a look on some of the benefits:-

1. help through calls and over messages by practiced pharmacists

2. Efficient delivery and ordering process right on your fingertips

3. Convenience

Though compared to conventional brick and mortar pharmacies, the e-pharmacy app provides various advantages and comfort at the same time. To list a few of them:

Things you must know about online pharmacy store

It’s very necessary to be up-to-date with all the contact details like address, email-id, and telephone number of the retail pharmacy as the e-commerce websites are tends to be unreachable. Have a habit to examine that the drugstore exists, also acquire details from standard lawful websites. And, if you find anything suspicious then don’t buy any medications from such online medical stores like the absence of  email-id or contact number or every possibility to reach them. If they provide eve an E-mail id than it’s an indication that the e-commerce website for pharmacy is a genuine one. 

EMedStore is a global pharma IT company dedicatedly working for the pharma industry has developed 370+ pharma apps over 32 countries. understands these concerns. That’s why EMedStore do knows that safety does not come from every e-pharmacy apps which sells OTC or prescription drugs. 

Remember these points while purchasing medicines online

There are some trusted authorities, and the FDA have provided some safety guidelines which you must check before ordering medicines online. Check those warnings about a pharma website that maybe unauthorized.

 A safe online pharmacy app:

  • Makes sure that all the medical and financial details about their customer maintained private and secured.
  • Have a licensed pharmacists available to respond all the queries.
  • Is licensed by the state board of pharmacy in your country.
  • Have a physical address and contact details of  the website or of pharmacy app.
  • Will require a valid prescription from a licensed physician and healthcare expert.

These are also the reason that why authenticated and trusted pharmacies prefer the best company for pharmacy app and website development.

To summarize, whether you are a pharmacist or a patient, the use and implementation of technology enhancement in online pharmacy platform development can be cost-effective and suitable replacement to conventional pharmacies. 

If you need any assistance then Experts at EMedStore will solve every query of yours in the area of online pharmacy business.

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