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9 bathroom gadgets to start your day on a smarter note

As technology progresses, we’ll be more inclined to introduce it into all areas of our life. We already use different tools and gadgets to optimise our work, our workouts, our commute, etc. There are also many gadgets we can bring into our bathrooms and make our hygiene routine smarter and more comfortable.  Here’s a list of bathroom gadgets you can use to elevate your every day. 

Smart scale

If you want to improve your health and 2022 is the year of your transformation, get yourself a smart scale. Since bathrooms are usually where you can find a body scale, switch your old one with a smart one. You’ll learn more about your body composition, body fat and muscle ratio and other indicators which contribute to your overall health. Also, it’s a great way to track all the improvements you’ve been making with your diet, exercise regime and lifestyle habit improvements.

Electric toothbrush

Oral hygiene is important, and an electric toothbrush can be the key to improving your oral hygiene routine. We’re all in a hurry, especially in the morning, so we often brush our teeth fast. However, we’re supposed to brush our teeth for at least two minutes. Smart toothbrushes have built-in timers, so you’ll improve your average time spent on teeth brushing. Playing a song in the background also helps, as your mind won’t focus on the motions, but on the tunes and the time will just fly by.

Floor heating

Stepping on cold tiles or showering in a cold bathroom is one of those uncomfortable feelings. But, if you have floor heating in your bathroom, you won’t feel the chills. You can easily control the temperature with smart temperature control. The heat will be distributed evenly throughout the bathroom, unlike the heat that is emanated by a radiator. Thus, if you want to elevate your bathroom experience, modernise your heating solution.

Smart mirror

A smart mirror is probably the favourite gadget for all gadget lovers out there. There’s a variety of models out there, from those that show you your emails, and play Youtube to those that have led lights, speakers, voice assistants and notification reports. There’s a smart mirror for every budget and requirement. Just make sure to check your dimensions and find the one that can fit into your bathroom.

Smart toilet seat

Another smart bathroom solution is a smart toilet seat, especially those with additional options like useful bidet toilet seats. If you can’t fit both a toilet and a bidet in your bathroom, you can upgrade your toilet seat by installing bidet toilet seats. These come with a variety of features from an air dryer, and heated seat to different washing modes. This can also be an eco-friendly bathroom solution because you’ll eliminate or reduce the use of toilet paper.

Smart shower

Just like you can upgrade your toilet with a smart toilet seat, your shower can be upgraded with a smart shower head. Not only do these smart showers have different spraying modes, but they also help reduce water usage. In addition to this, you can also control temperature, and water pressure and set a time limit for your shower and others. Running a hot shower after a long day is one of those little things that make our lives easier. So, go ahead and find a smart showerhead that will change your bathroom experience forever.

Wireless hear styling tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking care of your beard, straightening or curling your hair, lengthy cords are always an issue. Fortunately, there are many wireless hair-styling tools out there designed for safer and easier use. Both men and women love to style their hair in the bathroom or perform other beautyfyng routines. You can update your hair styling gadgets to ones that are wireless and that promise not to damage your hair.

Splash proof speakers

Some people spend less time in the bathroom than others. Their routine is fast and efficient. But, some spend a lot on their routine, for example, women who style their hair or people who love to take baths. These activities can be even more enjoyable if you can listen to some music or a podcast without worrying that your phone will end up soaked with water. You can get some splashproof speakers for your bathroom, and listen to anything you want without any worry of water damage. 


You can place an aromatherapy diffuser in your bathroom as well. Essential oils have plenty of benefits one of which is air purification. Get a small one for your bathroom, and improve air quality by diffusing some lemon oil, tea tree, bergamot or any one of your favourite scents.

These nine gadgets will change your everyday bathroom vibes in an instant. We often overlook the design of our bathrooms, but these gadgets are an easy way to change and upgrade them.