Benefits of wansview camera for security of your family

Security is so important in those days. We all love our family. Do you have any tension of your family security when you are not available in your house? So in this field a security camera can help you to overcome the security fear of your family security. There are lots of surveillance cameras available in the market but which one is the best and comes with advanced features? So wansview camera is the best for your home use

You can easily set up this camera by using the wansview cloud app in simple ways. It will come with lots of advanced features like motion detection, built-in temperature sensors, remote access, and many more. By using this camera you can monitor your house from anywhere by using an android device. Can also communicate with your family members through a wansview camera. Two ways communication method is also supported by this camera

Some benefits of wansview camera

Wireless connectivity –

For internet connectivity you can easily connect your wifi network with your wansview camera just need to open playstore and search wansview cloud app. After installing the app. Launch the app and simply click on add camera and follow the instructions given on the screen. Be sure that your router network has a high speed internet connectivity.

Built-in Storage

In this advanced camera you will get a SD card slot with external memory of 128 GB. After recording the video it will automatically save on the memory, To watch stored video not need to take out an SD card it can be played through a cloud app. In case your camera is lost, videos can be watched through cloud app. 

Remote access

This camera totally supports remote access after setting up not need to touch for any activity can easily access your camera from anywhere. Just need to connect your camera to android and enjoy totally remote access. The wansview camera default admin password is “123456” which is used to access the camera.

2 way Communication

Like if you are in office and watching your camera live footage, if you detected any unusual activity by a stranger you can talk with your family, friend through the camera. A small speaker and mic is available on the back side of your wansview camera. This camera totally support 2 way communication.

Video quality

The camera supports 1080 video resolution with a clear image and video footage. Motion detection sensors are also available on this camera. It has a wide range of 350° horizontal and 76° vertical with zoom lens. Night vision is also available in this camera for night footage.

Setup and installation of wansview camera

The setup is very easy but multiple steps you have to perform in order to complete the setup so here are some instruction given below –

First you need to enable the open of ONVIF. Username of the password will automatically be created by the cloud app. Don’t forget to change it later after login. Simply click on “add a camera” button. Now you need to enter the IP address of your wansview camera and it will ask you to submit your login credentials. Which is already given to you by cloud app. Simply enter the credentials. After entering the camera portal you will get a option of “fill port”

Simply enter the port which is already set by you on wansview. Simply click on “Search” option After searching, it will automatically connect and show you channel 0. You can also change the channel in settings. Be sure that any other settings cant be modified.


The wansview camera has many features. This camera is the best for your home use, and very helpful if you are a busy person and often need to travel. By using this camera you can easily protect your family. Just need to order the camera. The price of this camera is so affordable any person can afford this camera.

The camera allows you motion detection, night vision, 2 way communication method, Remote access and many more features. After connecting your android smartphone with this camera you can view live footage from anywhere. So this kind of advanced camera in a very good price range is not a bad deal just go for it and ensure your family security and loved ones.

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