Best 5 Places to Visit on Small Budget

Looking for the best cost effective and valued location for your next trip? Don’t worry as we have compiled some of the best travel locations around the world for you that won’t break your bank and will provide you best value and vacation experience.


Mexico is a fantastic choice for beach lovers as the country offers beautiful beaches like Tulum, Cabo or Cancun and feel the natural beauty at its core. The country is a great budget option when compared to other popular beach locations like Hawaii. Best International Tour Packages at

You can also explore various other nature spots if you travel the route from Mexico City towards Oaxaca. You can also visit the “Chipapas” Mexico state which will let you enjoy various hotspots like ancient Mayan ruins, epic waterfalls and wildlife jungles waiting to be discovered.


LAOS has special place among trekkers, backpackers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Lao’s offers more some of the best affordable natural wonders you can visit like picturesque temples and varieties of colonial architecture.

The place offers some unique laid back atmosphere and has exquisite romantic vibe attached to it. The place has various opportunities for adventurers like mountain exploration, trekking, among others at economical prices.


The state of Nepal provides budget conscious adventures various opportunities to explore and carryout mountain trekking and forest exploration. Explore the fantastic cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara and get mesmerized by exploring the beauty of the Himalayas.

You can participate among famous hiking treks like Annapurna Circuit while enjoying support for hikers through various small tea houses present along the way.


The country of Thailand offers many rewards and natural beauties for cheap prices for budget conscious adventurers and explorers. Thailand offers best value as there are various heavenly beaches, wild islands, authentic cuisines and historic culture.

Budget travelers who seek valuable vacation will enjoy the various economical guesthouses, quick transport service, budget friendly accommodation all while enjoying one of the best budget vacation countries of the world.


Malaysia lists among best locations for travelers who wish to keep vacation costs low. The country lists as better developed countries of south Asian region. Malaysia offers some of the best healthy cuisines of the world that you will just die for. You can apply Malasyia Visa at very cheap prices.

Travelers can enjoy their stay and explore jungles of Borneo, Cameron Highlands and the beautiful islands all while keep your vacation costs in your budget. You can also enjoy various boat cruise, beach spots and scuba diving.


Vietnam offers immense value for budget conscious travelers all over the world. You can enjoy various attractions from beautiful countryside to exotic limestone karsts along the north, mind blowing beaches and small cities bustling with life.  

You can enjoy various varies of healthy street food, enjoy variety of budget friendly accommodation, explore vast landscapes ranging from beautiful bays, rice terraces and vast open deserts. You can enjoy various boat cruise and see various astonishing sunsets.


You should enjoy your budget vacation to the best of your abilities but always make sure to take all precautionary measures like first aid, mandatory vaccination, travel insurance and country rules in order to carryout safe adventure and journey. 

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