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Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

At the point when I hiked around Southeast Asia in 2013, I had low desires for Malaysia – it was not the most famous or discussed stop on the Banana Pancake Trail. Be that as it may, Malaysia wound up having such a great amount to offer, it astounds me why it’s not as advertised a hiking goal as its neighbors.

Malaysia is a one of a kind nation where you get the chance to see various ethnicities meeting up, living in congruity generally. The food is stunning and I genuinely don’t think I’ve even attempted portion of what it brings to the table during my six-week remain in Malaysia tour packages. I visited sanctuaries of various religions, had the best jumping experience of my life, and journeyed to the most noteworthy climb capable top in Southeast Asia. On the off chance that somebody advises you to give Malaysia a pass, don’t trust them.

Here’s my manual for best places to visit in Malaysia, beginning from the Peninsula, from north to south (which could be handily turned around in the event that you are originating from the other bearing), trailed by traverse to Borneo. A portion of the recommendations on this agenda are notable and some are off the normal exploring radar:


The express that fringes Thailand is frequently shadowed by its well known neighbor. Be that as it may, Kedah has its own appeal. An ever increasing number of local people presently work conventional Malay house style guesthouses that are encircled by immense paddy fields, so on the off chance that you need a natural, genuine Malaysian experience, Kedah merits halting in for a night or two preceding making a beeline for Langkawi. Augment your brief timeframe here by asking the neighborly local people where the best food spots are, and look at one of the most fabulous and most established mosques in Malaysia, the Zahir Mosque.

Remain: Tamteh Homestay


From Kedah, take a 2-hour ship ride to Langkawi, an island mainstream with local people for its obligation free shopping. The principle island is one of the more marketed islands in Malaysia, yet a modest island bouncing outing (which costs under $15) will take you to the encompassing islands with completely clear water and delightful sea shores. My tip is to remain on Cenang sea shore, as it is the place all the great food is, yet invest your energy in the encompassing islands during the day. You can likewise take a day climb to the Temurun cascade and spend time with the amicable local people. The streetcar is additionally a great method to see Langkawi from high above. Peruse progressively about Langkawi here.

Remain: Langkawi Dormitory or Pondok Keladi

George Town

George Town is a foodie heaven. The sum and assortment of good food is practically overpowering, so here are a couple of must-attempts:

Roast Kuey Teow – these brilliant pan fried food noodles are combined with delicious prawns, bean fledglings, eggs, and greens. The best one is from this side of the road slow down situated at the side of Siam Road and Anson Road. Anticipate long lines, for the most part from local people – which is consistently a decent sign!

Laksa – Another noodle dish however with stock that is acrid, fiery, and somewhat sweet simultaneously. Many would go to the well known slow down situated close to Kek Lok Si, yet a nearby most loved is Laksa Bisu, situated at Annex Market.

Rojak – Basically a serving of mixed greens, however with saltines, organic products, nuts, and catch this: a thick sauce made of shrimp glue, bean stew, and bunches of sugar.

Cendol – a nearby most loved treat, cendol is a modest bowl of shaved ice, kidney beans, dense milk, and enhanced flour noodles. It might sound bizarre yet it’s ideal on a burning sweltering day, however the best one situated at the back rear entryway of Lebuh Keng Kwee would expect you to remain under the singing blistering sun while relishing it.

At the point when you are full to the point that eating is not, at this point conceivable, which I encountered frequently in Malaysia, go for a stroll along the roads of George Town and chase for the Insta-commendable road workmanship curated by Lithuanian craftsman, Ernest Zacharevic, or look at the wonderful Kek Lok Si, just as the Peranakan houses.

Remain: I truly preferred my stay at Reggae Penang. Sadly, it’s currently for all time shut. The Frame Guesthouse is deliberately found and offers the two residences and private rooms. For a progressively lavish remain, look at Eastern and Oriental Hotel

Illustrious Belum State Park, Perak

Numerous guests to Malaysia have known about Taman Negara, the most mainstream national park on the Peninsula. It’s tremendous and loaded up with different widely varied vegetation, and a brilliant spot for the gutsy. Notwithstanding, for something that is outside of what might be expected, look at Royal Belum State Park situated in Perak, directly beneath George Town. It offers a distant wild of around 117,500 hectares, and keeping in mind that arriving could be a test, it merits each exertion. You could swim in the lake, journey across the 130 multi year old timberland, and appreciate perhaps the greatest blossom on the planet, the Rafflesia (from a good ways, since they smell like pony piss, no truly). On the off chance that you are originating from George Town, there are every day transports that leave for Gerik town, and from that point, your hotel will get you, or you can take a taxi.

Remain: Belum Rainforest Resort

Cameron Highlands

I felt thankful for the chilly temperatures in Cameron Highlands, an incredible break from a normally hot and sticky Southeast Asia. Cameron Highlands is touristy, yet there are consistently approaches to get away from the groups. Journey across the wilderness, search for a peaceful strawberry ranch, and pick the less famous tea estates, and you are a great idea to go!

Remain: I truly making the most of my stay at De’Native! It’s in the woodland with extraordinary climate.

Perhentian Islands

I adored the sea shores on Perhentian, and I cherished the plunging experience considerably more. There are two islands, specifically the little Perhentian, and the enormous Perhentian. The little one inclines toward hikers, while the enormous one inclines toward resorts and lodgings. Notwithstanding which island you end up on, the island jumping trip takes you to similar spots encompassing Perhentian. You can likewise take a vessel ride to the significantly calmer Lang Tengah and Kapas island. The air on the two islands are laid back and quiet, which is the thing that I like about them.

Remain: Camp at Rainforest Camping or a wilderness safari tent (utilize this code to get rebate!)

Kuala Lumpur

From the outset sight, KL looks simply like some other city with its traffic, shopping centers, and high rises. In any case, you just need to burrow somewhat more profound to encounter the genuine Kuala Lumpur. Here are a few hints: rather than Jalan Alor and Chinatown, fill your belly at Pudu’s ICC peddler food focus and Connaught garden food advertise (both open by Uber); rather than the required shot before the Petronas Towers, look at the numerous housetop bars with unblocked perspectives on the whole city; for a pleasant night out, overlook Changkat, go to TREC; to escape from the rushing about, there’s 60 minutes in length journey at Apek Hill, a neighborhood top choice. At last, on the off chance that you have the opportunity, go watch a film in any nearby film. All things considered, what other place would you be able to discover three language captions on one screen?

Remain: I have affectionate recollections of Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur however it is a gathering place. Tuxedo KL offers a housetop perspective on the city AND a vastness pool.

Chemerung Falls, Terengganu

Only two hours from Kuala Lumpur, Chemerung is a lovely, shrouded cascade concealed in Terengganu.Chemerung cascade is well more than 300 meters tall with frothing waters falling from the skies above, descending the rugged mountainside and pooling in the bowls of rock beneath. That seems like a decent spot to be, correct? Look at this guide for additional on the best way to arrive.

Remain: campgrounds are accessible in the event that you are anticipating journeying for 9 hours to the top.

The Dusun, Seremban

Here’s another cool detect that is lesser known to sightseers. The Dusun is a tropical rainforest resort situated in Seremban, pretty much an hour from the worldwide air terminal. There are a sum of 7 houses each with an alternate subject, encompassed by 4000 sections of land of virgin woodland. Costs start at about $100 every night, which can be shared by 2 individuals. It’s extraordinary for couples or a gathering of companions. On the off chance that you are voyaging solo, make an inquiry or two and check whether somebody might want to go along!

Remain: The Dusun


Some may contrast Malacca with George Town, as both are intensely pilgrim impacted and offer heavenly road food. Anyway Malacca has even more a modest community vibe contrasted with George Town, and it merits the visit. Road food astute, it’s acclaimed for Portuguese egg tarts, chicken rice balls, Satay Celup, and coconut shakes. Be that as it may, as usual, burrow somewhat more profound and you will locate some nearby top choices off the traveler radar:

Putu Piring: a hemispherical tidbit made of coconut shreds and loaded up with coconut sugar. The best one is home made by an old couple at their home – 252, Jalan Tengkera.

Cockles: Don’t be put off by the unassuming slow down right close to a channel (the slow down’s name interprets as “channel cockles”). Sit down and request a plate of new cockles and shellfishes and gulp away with the neighborhood foodies – Longkang Siham, Jalan Bunga Raya, Madam King.

Durian Cendol: If you still can’t seem to check out the scandalously stinky Durian, start with a Durian cendol! At that point you can choose which side you have a place (by and by I’m a darling and promoter of it)- 115, Jalan Merdeka.

Taibak: A customary Nyonya cold pastry, this is a blend of shaved ice, pandan injected syrup, rice flour noodles, and dark grass jam solid shapes – the slow down is directly close to Wesley Methodist Church.

Remain: Nomaps offers overall quite clean residences. This extensive suite costs just about $70 every night!

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