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Wardrobe Boxes

Tips to Buy Wardrobe Boxes While Moving

Wardrobe boxes are one of the most useful customizations of cardboard boxes. They are used while moving expensive clothes from one place to another. These are tall and sturdy that comes with a metal hanging bar that helps you move your closet without having to remove them from hangers. In fact, it has enough space for your shoes or sweatshirts that can be kept below along with your hanging clothes.

Different size of wardrobe boxes

Short wardrobe boxes: Short wardrobe boxes have less room at the bottom for keeping additional belongings. These are more compact and are easier to lift and carry.

Large wardrobe boxes:

Large wardrobe boxes have a standard size. In addition to the hanging bar, they also have plenty of space for keeping other belongings.

Where to buy wardrobe boxes

Through packaging suppliers such as Globe Packaging online 

If you are planning to buy premium quality wardrobe boxes at affordable prices then Globe Packaging is the best option to opt for. Shop online as per your requirement. You can choose from a variety of options in terms of sizes, colours and quality. Choose products you like, place your order and it will get delivered at your doorstep. Buying products online is the most convenient option, just make sure that you have read all the specifications before buying the product.

2. Home Improvement stores or general stores

Home improvement stores are another best options to buy cardboard boxes or other moving supplies. You can get wardrobe boxes in bundles in such stores that can allow you to get a good deal on buying two or three of them at a time. Apart from this, general stores can also be one option. If you are already planning to go for shopping for moving, you can pick up some wardrobe boxes while you’re there.

Why there is a need for using wardrobe boxes

The easiest and safest way of moving hanging clothes is through wardrobe boxes. It keeps clothes protected and wrinkles free. Using the wardrobe makes it easier to transfer clothing from the closet to the box and then shift to a new closet.

Tips to buy wardrobe boxes

  1. These come in a variety of sizes (small, medium, large). Choose the size as per your requirement. Small boxes are compact whereas large boxes have great room for keeping other belongings as well.
  2. Wardrobe boxes are of two types choose as per your convenience. Boxes that have a rod attached to it for hanging clothes and lay down wardrobe boxes that resemble a dresser drawer. This type of boxes are great if you prefer only to keep folded clothes but it cannot withstand heavy items.

Numerous types of moving boxes are used due to varied belongings available in our homes. Therefore, it is mandatory to buy boxes as per the requirement to avoid unnecessary cost and damages during transit. However as mentioned above, there are places where moving boxes can be purchased at very affordable prices, it is advisable to be precise with choices to avoid unnecessary wastage of money.

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