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COFFEE – “The most wanted beverage, the energy booster”

Around the world, coffee is the most used and consumed beverage. The day begins with the coffee for most of the people as it makes them feel refreshed from the morning sleep, activates their cells and boosts up their nervous system. The aroma of freshly grounded coffee seeds makes them attracted to it. The history says that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia around the 11th Century. This shows how old coffee is! Coffee drinkers always feel a magnetic force binding them and the coffee! Until the caffeine content is limited, people of any age can consume coffee. Coffee’s significance started in Ethiopia and slowly spread around the world – with different flavors and different methodologies. People consume coffee “N” number of times in a day – which signifies how important coffee is for them.

When, where, and How did the coffee originate?

History says that coffee originated from Ethiopia and Sudan, a native of tropical Africa. Research shows that Africans used it as a stimulant where it was first cultivated coffee. From Ethiopia, it spread around to Southern Arabia. People of Yemen brought out the knowledge of the coffee tree in the middle of the 15th century. By the end of the 16th century, coffee had reached Persia, Turkey, and North Africa. From there, it spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Coffee’s origin was from South Africa, it is now cultivated in many parts of the world. Coffee is one of the major commodities used and exported in the regions of America, southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent and in Africa. The survey of 2018 shows that Brazil tops the coffee cultivation. 

Species and Berries:

 Your coffee comes from specific types of berries. The main species from where coffee is commonly cultivated is Coffea canephora known as robusta and Coffea arabica. Other berries from which coffee is cultivated are Coffea liberica, Coffea stenophylla, Coffea mauritiana, and Coffea racemosa. Clusters of fragrant white and red flowers bloom in abundance and then form into berries from which our aromatic coffee comes in! Gimoka takes tremendous care in choosing the right berries for the right aroma!

Does the color and aroma matter to you?

 It matters to Gimoka too. At Gimoka, we carefully curate our coffee seeds to provide the 6 exciting flavors of coffee to your doorstep. The color and aroma of a coffee differ by the content of caffeine. The color of the berry is green at first and when it ripens it is yellow, then crimson at last when roasted it changes to black and brown. The uniqueness of coffee stands for its aroma it differs by the berries, during the roasting period.

Flavors of Gimoka:

Flavors are the Fun part of choosing the right coffee!

The Fun filling Gimoka Coffee Flavors are,

Gimoka Dark Roasted – Nothing is comforting as a strong flavored coffee. A perfect blend of espresso with a mixture of unsweetened cocoa powder and dried fruit. This flavor is particularly dark roasted to give a strong flavor of precious wood. It is a 100% Robusta product. Originated from India and Indonesia, these coffee berries are strong by nature.

Gimoka Full-Bodied – A blend of strong and powerful flavor with an intense aroma hovering around. It is a combination of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta. This flavor shows out a mild creamy hint of hazelnut and almonds.

Gimoka Smooth Taste – a balanced flavor of sweet and strength, which was commonly liked by many people and it is especially originated from Honduras, Colombia Arabica; India, Uganda Robusta. It is roasted in the medium flavor contains 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta.

Gimoka 100% Arabica – who doesn’t love to have the combined flavor of chocolate and fruit this particular product provides these flavor with creamy espresso. Roasted in a medium-dark texture, it’s seeding come from the areas of Brazil, Colombia, Honduras Arabica.

Gimoka 100% Arabica(Lightly Roasted ) – as the name refers it is roasted medium light. Taste of fruity flavor with the sparkling acidity is the taste of this blend which is originated from Brazil, Colombia, Papua New Guinea Arabica.

Gimoka Decaffeinated – Decaffeination gives a distinctive aroma, one who consumes can enjoy the harmony of perfect fruity flavor. Origins from Vietnam and contains 100% robusta which roasted in a medium flavor.

Why Gimoka pods?

Out of all the things, coffee preparation is the confusing one since each one prefers it differently based on their taste and preparation time. There are many methods in recent times to prepare coffee, including the filter coffee, instant, espresso machine, and icing coffee. But Coffee pods are a genius invention which makes a perfect coffee with an irresistible blend in a short time with the unique flavor because of its perfect selection of ripe berries in different roasting time. People prepare it in an easy, quickly and satisfactorily.

Still worried about choosing the right coffee and the making process? Give us a call to know more about choosing the right blend of coffee!

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