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Calculating Cost of Scaffolding while Hiring

Are you executing a construction project and your contractor just informed you that you would need scaffolding? Are you wondering how much will it cost per day? Understanding the concept of scaffold is simple but calculating its cost is quite complicated. In this article, you will get all the necessary information related to the cost of scaffolding to help you make an estimate. At some point in time, you will need scaffolding if you plan to get a repair, maintenance, extension, painting, or construction of property from scratch. We don’t want you to pay a high price than the worth of scaffolding. Therefore, we are giving you a general analysis to understand the costs involved.


What is Scaffolding?

It is a temporary platform build with wooden planks, metal poles and edge protectors against a property to give workers a foundation to stand on while working at height.

Typical Scaffolding Cost Per Square Meter

A basic scaffolding structure costs you around £15 per meter and £19 per meter above for additional material and edge protectors used.

Cost of scaffolding of a house

Scaffolding for a Loft Conversion

One of the most common scaffolding that will pop up in your search engine is scaffolding for loft conversion whose cost depends on your requirements like the dimension of loft, accessibility and complexity involved in erecting a scaffold. This type of project costs around £16 per square meter plus material costs that start from £9 per square meter. Use of additional edge protectors and handrails comes under £10

Scaffolding for Conservatory

If you have a conservatory then building a bridge over it is a must no matter how small your need is, like repaint, gutter repair or replacement of roof tiles. The cost for this project will fall between £450 and £900 per week depending on your location and size of the conservatory.

Scaffolding around Chimney

You will often need some repair work for chimney so scaffolding will need to be erected around the chimney for worker’s safety. You will not be required to erect scaffolding for the whole house but just around the chimney for risk at height. The scaffolding structure is built at the highest part of the roof over the ridge where two roofs intersect. As the workers need access to all sides of the chimney, therefore, the scaffolding is built around the whole chimney. All rooftops and chimneys are different, that is why it is difficult to calculate the cost of scaffolding, but you can expect to pay around £65 per day to £420 per week.

Renting Access Tower for Gutter Repair

It is likely that you will need to hire an access tower for a gutter repair costing from £65 a week. However, you may end up paying over £120. Most of the gutter repair for leakage requires a single tower; however, you might need to replace a few roof tiles that can cost you £250 to £300. Though the gutter repair work is small, the cost of scaffolding involved in it is not cheap.

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