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CT Scan Dublin

A guide to CT Scan Dublin

You might have heard the word CT scan in several movies when car accidents take place. But have you ever thought what this word actually is? CT scan stands for Computerized Tomography scan. It is done to visualize the bones and soft tissues, usually to detect fractures, internal bleeding, or trauma. The scan consists of a series of X-ray images that are taken at different angles of the body.

The purpose of a CT scan is to detect injuries, traumas, and internal wounds as it gives a better view of bones, teeth, soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels than X-ray. X-rays are only helpful when you have to detect a bone displacement or fracture. 

What is Dental CT Scan?

A dental CT scan, better known as CBCT, is the scan of your mouth. It uses a particular type of equipment known as Dental cone beam computed tomography that generates 3D images of your mouth. Dentists usually recommend it before a dental implant to get a view of dental structures, facial bones, nerve paths, and chronic pain origin. You should be asked to have a Dental CT scan Dublin if you’ll visit any professional there.

Why does my dentist need me to have a CT Scan? 

Okay, so your doctor might tell you to have a CT scan before proceeding towards your treatment plan. Here are some reasons why he does so.


CT scans provide precise 3D images of your teeth that help out dentists to plan proper treatment accordingly. By getting the map of the nerve path, the dentist will avoid injecting in the nerves.

Shows soft tissues and nerves

X-rays only show bones, not soft tissues, vessels, or nerves. But a single CT scan can do it all. That’s why a dental CT scan is more preferred than a mouth X-ray.

Better image quality

CT Scan uses 3D technology. It shows 3d images of your mouth, which means that the dentist can view the condition of your mouth from different angles. It allows the dentist to view even the roots of the teeth.

Helps the dentist in dental implants 

With CT scans, the dentist can get a better idea of dental implants. It allows him to get the exact measurements of the jaw so he could make dental placement models accordingly. This prevents a misalign placement.

Detects tumors and chronic pain origin

CBCT scan can detect tumors and the origin of chronic pain. When the dentist localizes nerves and maxillary sinus, there are minimal or no chances to implant penetration into nerves or sinus. This prevents nerve damage. 

Stability of implant

When the doctor gets to know about the right jaw measurements, bite size, and mouth length, he places the implant accordingly, which ensures stability and long term usage.

How to get prepared for CT scan Dundrum?

If you’re getting a dental CT scan in Dublin for the first time, here are some tips for you to get ready for it.

  • The first thing you have to do is prepare yourself mentally. Make your mind that you are having a scan, and it’s not a big deal to do. It’s a painless procedure of 2-3 minutes. So relax!
  • Do not wear jewelry. If you’re used to wearing any stuff like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or ring, don’t wear it when you’re going to have a scan.
  • If you have worn any metal or unnecessary stuff as mentioned above, remove it before having a scan.
  • Unlike a CT scan of the body that is done in a lying position, a dental scan is done standing. So stand still during the process. Don’t move unnecessarily so that the doctor could take images accurately.

Will CBCT have any effect on me? 

No, CBCT scans do not have any effect on the person getting it. However, they are radiations that are a bit toxic for every human being. But we do ultrasounds too when it’s necessary. So you can go for it without hesitation. Here are some reasons why.

Lower dose of radiation

CBCT scan uses a lower dose of radiation than X-rays; that means; they are less harmful than X-rays.


If you are wondering, you might get a toothache during or after getting a CT scan, don’t! The CBCT scan is painless. It just takes pictures of your mouth and nothing else.


The CBCT scan is not an hour long procedure like dental implants. You can get it done in 5-10 seconds.

Where to get a CT scan in Dundrum?If you’re looking for a professional to have CT scan in Dublin or CT scan in Dundrum, we are here for you. We make sure to satisfy our customers in all possible ways. Book a dental appointment with us, and you’ll not regret it.

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