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Cunning Ways to Feed Your Kids Daily Vitamins

As we all know, the great benefits of vitamins and minerals, parents are keen to provide their children with them to give the same boost. Introducing vitamins in children’s meals is a tricky business. Parents often get frustrated while feeding their children, as it is a real struggle, feeding them. Instead of the uphill struggle, you want to get your child on-board with healthy nutrients. Most of the parents have trouble with children in getting them to eat healthy as they don’t want to eat fruits and vegetables. 

Children are often picky and cranky when it comes to eating. If you are struggling to get your children healthy meals, you will find this article really helpful. Read on for a solution to this issue, and to get your children to have all the nutrients present in fruits and vegetables.

Make delicious smoothies

Making smoothies using nutrition-rich food likes fruits or vegetables, or both is the way to get your kids to get to enjoy eating healthy. And, the best part of this is that they don’t even know that they are doing something good for them. Smoothies are a great way to get the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables that your children need. Your kids will have fun helping in the making of their smoothies. Think about it and put their favorite veggies and fruits into a blender. Then you grind them completely and make them into liquid. 

Let them drink with a straw.

Don’t force your child to drink supplements directly. You can all add a few drops of multivitamins chocolate flavor supplement to make them more nutritious and yummy. If the supplement has a strong smell and taste, allow them to drink it using a straw. That way, they gulp it little by little with minimum taste and smell. Also, children love to play with straw and drink fluids with them. You can also use a covered cup with straw for blocking the smell and color of the liquid. 

Give them tasteless food items first

Supplementing your child diet with food having minimal to no taste is a smart trick. You can hide the supplement in that food and feed them. For example, probiotics that come in powdered form can be added easily to your child’s food. You can mix them up in cereal, yogurt, milk, and many more food items. 

Feed them Banana-ice cream

Mix overripe or frozen bananas along with the organic iron supplement for toddlers in your blender or Nutribullet to make a yummy banana frozen yogurt. Put these in an ice block plate, with the aim that each solid shape is equivalent to one day of their supplement. Freezing food supplements protects their decency.

Try Flavored liquid supplements

The best way to feed your child iron and multivitamin supplements is to get those flavored ones. Some children love these supplements as they taste and smell better than the regular iron supplements. If you get multivitamins in chocolate flavor, you don’t need to hide in food for your child to eat them. Children will love them as it contains chocolate. 

Sweet Spoonful 

You can make your child a delicious yet healthy chocolate mousse by mixing up cacao powder, banana, and honey. If you don’t have much time, you can give them a spoonful of jam, maple syrup, fruit powders, and chocolate-flavored multivitamins. 

In Final Words

When your children are getting a little hungry between meals – stop them before they grab the chips or cookies. Have them help in making a healthy snack or smoothie. Try these cunning methods to feed your children daily vitamins and minerals they need for their growth and development.

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