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Lab Grown Diamond Pendants That Will Make You Sparkle

There is no doubt that on the big day, your gown will be the center of attention. But while a stunning white dress is important, jewelry and other finishing touches are just as significant. A sparkling pair of earrings or a delicate necklace can accentuate the romance of your wedding moment as you walk down the aisle. Lab created diamond necklaces, in particular, are a classy accessory to complete your outfit.

Discover some unique lab-grown diamond pendants for your wedding day in the sections below.

1. Lab-Created Diamond Pendant

This pendant from Brilliant Earth has a slim cable chain, a kite-shaped gemstone, and an unexpected diamond. The diamond can shine particularly brightly thanks to the prong setting, which enhances its beauty.

2. Necklace with A Round Lab-Grown Diamond Bezel-Set Solitaire.

An elegant choice for your wedding day is a lab-grown pendant necklace with a bezel-set diamond because bezel settings are well known for their sleek, minimalist appearance. Although it comes in other metals as well, we adore rose gold for its enchanting blush color.

3. Solitaire Pendant

A diamond solitaire is unmatched when it comes to classic jewelry pieces. An open-back gallery in the setting of this necklace allows light to enter from all sides, increasing its brilliance and sparkle.

4. Round Brilliant Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Pendant

This round brilliant pendant necklace made of 18K white gold should do the trick for the traditional bride who wants to wear something chic and timeless down the aisle. The delicate chain lets the gemstone take center stage while the prong setting is sleek and understated.

5. East-West Oval Pendant

This stunning oval diamond, which is set East-West on a 16-inch chain, is the ideal option for a chic bride. Although these lab made diamond pendants necklace still lean toward a classic aesthetic overall, the setting and yellow gold give them a more modern feel.

6. North Star Diamond Pendant

Consider a pendant with a distinctive shape, such as a star, and a small diamond in the center for jewelry that feels both contemporary and romantic. While maintaining a fashionable look, this option is small enough to feel effortless and dainty.

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7. Pendant with A Round Diamond and A Double Bail

A round solitaire pendant is a stunning, universal choice for anyone who is unsure of the type of necklace to wear on their wedding day. This option’s 18-inch cable is a tough yet elegant design feature that helps keep your pendant in place.

8. Necklace with Three Stones

Consider a necklace with Synthetic Diamond Pendants with a cluster silhouette for sparkle that stands out. The diamonds are arranged in a pyramid in this version, which has a chain that can be adjusted from 16 to 18 inches long, giving it a balanced and elegant appearance.

9. Lab-Grown Diamond Halo Pendant with A Light Heart

An appropriate accessory for the bride whose motto might be “the more sparkle, the better” is a halo pendant necklace. On an 18-inch chain, this stunning option is made with 11 round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds weighing approximately 0.25 carats.

10. Drop Diamond Pendant with Three Stones.

This three-stone pendant necklace, which is arranged vertically with sparkling round diamonds all in a row, is a distinctive choice for your wedding day. The 1ct total carat weight of the yellow gold chain, which has an adjustable length of 18 to 16 inches, adds just the right amount of sparkle without being overly heavy.


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