Different Types of Porch Flooring Options

A porch is one of the features that adds beauty and style to your home’s exterior. Porches vary in style and it all depends on your preferences and on which one looks perfect for your overall home exterior. Some porches just look like a plain deck while others are roofed with windows and other additional features. 

Either way, since the porch is an exposed part of your house, it is more subject to regular wear especially by the elements. It is important to look into durability when choosing materials to be used for the porch. For a start, here are some of the most popular flooring options that are commonly used in porches. 

Hardwood Flooring

You could actually use wooden flooring not only inside your home but also on your porch. However, when choosing a wooden floor for your porch, it is essential to look for the most durable ones since it will be exposed to the outdoor elements. 

Hardwood such as redwood and cedarwood are the most popular options because of their durability. Both of these woods are resistant from regular weathering; however, their colours typically change through time. When installing hardwood flooring for your porch, be sure to slope it so the water just flows smoothly on its surface and prevent pooling. 

Brick Flooring

Another perfect material to use in your porch flooring is brick. Brick pavers are typically perfect for outdoor use and doesn’t wear easily with regular exposure to the elements. Aside from that, they add a natural charm to your home’s exterior, making it look more welcoming. 

Brick pavers are really durable and could last for a lifetime. If a brick or two gets damaged, you could just find the same brick style and replace the damaged pieces only. To make your brick flooring last longer, be sure to treat it with a UV shield chemical sealant. 

Tile Flooring

Tiles are a durable and easy to maintain flooring material. When choosing outdoor tiles, it is recommended to opt for ones with a rougher surface for better traction especially on a wet weather. Just like bricks, tiles are also easy to replace when some pieces get damaged. 

Tiles are easy to clean and they could actually maintain their beauty when they are sealed after installation. There are plenty of tile types to choose from with different patterns and finishes so you could definitely find one that suits your style. 

Natural Stone Flooring

Lastly, natural stone flooring is another great flooring material for the porch. Natural stone is highly durable and perfect for outdoor use. It gives your home a natural classic style which can suit almost any home décor theme. It is pricier compared to other flooring options but it is still worth it given that it could last a lifetime. 

With so many flooring options to choose from, you could definitely find one that suits your home’s exterior perfectly. No matter what flooring material you chose, be sure to apply preventative maintenance to make it last longer.