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Eggs and health

Nowadays, egg is considered as one of the cheapest super food anyone can afford. Besides, it is full of nutrients that can easily help you meet your daily need. Hereafter some health benefits eating eggs can bring to you.

Eat egg to get proteins

Proteins are very important for human’s growth. They are also the first responsible of the growing and building of the tissues and the molecules. If you follow a restricted diet excluding meat, don’t neglect your source of protein and invest on eating eggs. It can help you maintaining your daily protein needs. For that, you can eat powder egg or fresh egg, according to your affinities.

Eating eggs for their nutritive characteristics

Remember that egg is surprisingly rich in nutrients that are enough to turn a single cell into a chick. The fact is that it is caloric and full of protein and healthy fats. Besides, it is also rich in vitamin A,B2, B5,B12, D,E,K,B6, calcium and zinc. You can also get selenium, phosphorus and folate from eating one big egg. 

If you eat an egg, you naturally consume various nutrients that you need for your body. So if you want to take a nutritive and healthy diet, don’t hesitate to introduce the egg within it.

Eat egg to lose weight

You may have probably heard many things about egg and the weight loss. In fact, there are many diets that focus on the egg and its benefits for the body. For example, there is the keto diet that puts a specific accent on the replacement of the meat as a source of protein by the egg. There is also the egg fasting that consists in eating only eggs during a period of time to reach quickly the perfect weight.

The secret that lies behind the eggs is that it is a filling food that makes you feel full during many hours. As a consequence, if you eat egg, you will be easily full and will considerably reduce your calorie intake, which logically leads to a weight loss.

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Consuming eggs for your eyes ‘health

If it is the first time that you hear from it, remember that egg is one of the super foods that can help you have healthy eyes. The senior are mostly concerned with that fact as their eyesight may turn bad as they get older, a degeneration that is natural.  So, to limit the process, it’s better to consume some nutrients that counteract the aging process and help the concerned organ.

As the aging eyes especially need lutein and zeaxanthin, eat regularly eggs that are full of these nutrients. In fact, the yolk is very rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants have positive effect on the retina and can meaningfully decrease the risk of contracting cataracts and macular degeneration.        

So, if you are a senior or if you take care of them, feel free to introduce 1 to 3 eggs yolks per day in the daily diet. If you follow this diet during 4 or 5 consecutive weeks, you will considerably increase the rate of lutein and zeaxanthin in your blood by 114 to 142%.

After that, you can reduce your egg consumption by 3 to 5 times per week.

Eating egg to take care of the health

It may sounds weird but remember from now that even if the egg is well-known to be a source of cholesterol, its consumption is safe for your health. In fact, the cholesterol that is found within the egg is not the kind of cholesterol that provokes neither heart attack nor any other heart disease.

That is the reason why eating egg is even suggested for the diabetes.