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The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Training Institute in the U.K

Eyelash extensions have buzzed around the beauty industry. If you are looking to become a skilled eyelash extension artist, congratulations!  you are about to enter the rapidly growing industry with plenty of opportunities.

Have you been always interested in mastering lash extensions? or looking to become a professionally trained lash extension technician, the eyelash extension training course is the perfect way to launch your beauty carrier and expand your existing skill set.

 Before getting into the course at the eyelash extension training institute, Let’s look at what types of eyelash extension training courses are available.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training

The classic eyelash extension course is for beginners, who don’t have prior experience and are new to the eyelash extension world.

The 5-day eyelash extension training course is covered in four sessions, where the students are given insights into the evolving eyelash beauty standards.

Whether your client wants glamorous or little enhancement eyelashes, you are all set with this extensive 5-day training course.

At the classic eyelash extension training course, you will learn to apply the lashes and get a good hand at maintaining and removal of lashes.

The course will cover the best practices and aftercare and maintenance of eyelash extensions.

 Not just that, you will also learn the anatomy of eyes and hair. The extensive eyelash extension course focuses on imparting knowledge of the industry.

With the competitive pricing, the students get the beauty guild student membership, beauty guild accredited certificate, and Lastique accredited certificate. And finally, you walk away with the tool kit to get started as a popular lash artist in the town. 

Russian Volume & Hybrid Lash Training

If you are done with the basic eyelash extension course, it’s time to upgrade your skills with the advanced Russian volume eyelash extension course. With this course, you will be able to apply Russian dramatic eyelashes with fine art and advanced eyelash techniques.

This course not only teaches you to apply the eyelashes but also you will learn the correct lash extension removal and aftercare to cater for the overall need of your client. You will learn the unique skillset under professionals with years of experience as certified lash trainer.

The course is divided into two parts online and offline modules,  the online module will cover the theoretical part after the execution of all the practical sessions.

 After completion of the course, you’ll walk away with a Beauty Guild student membership, Beauty Guild accredited certificate, Lashtique accredited certificate and Lashtique eyelash kit to get started. There are a plethora of benefits to training with Lashtique.

The Lash Lift and Lash Tint Course

The lash course and tint course are perfect for those looking to master a new skill set in the industry. You will learn how to transform the client’s beauty regime and effectively lift and tint the client’s lashes.

Lash lifting and tinting will revolutionise the beauty regime of the client by removing the need of applying mascara and curling lashes.

This course is suitable for a complete beginner or an experienced therapist who wants to add these profitable skills to their service.

The professional technician will train in lifting and tinting eyelashes and guide you to choose the best quality products. You will get a chance to learn professional standard techniques from industry experts.

Finally, the best training institute offers you hands-on experience. You will have plenty of practical sessions before the final assessment.

Enrol in the Eyelash Extension Training  Course 

Doing a lash extension course is a great way to start the carrier on your own terms or to make money on the side while you work or study. 

After the course completion, you can go from learning minimum wage to making 150$ per hour. And at the eyelash extension training course at Lastique, you will learn everything that you need to know to turn eyelash extensions into a lucrative career.

Final words 

 The eyelash extension training course at Lashtique is an excellent investment if you are looking to start a career in the beauty industry. And remember the key to success as a lash artist is not just applying the lash but providing the essential customer services and knowledge to flourish as the eyelash artist! And finally, with patience, practice, and dedication you will be on the way to achieving your career goals.