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Famous Street Food In Udaipur

Located at about 403-kilo meters of Jaipur, Udaipur is truly a beautiful city. It has a picturesque cityscape. Udaipur is not only famous for its forts, palaces, and lakes. Udaipur is also known for some yummy food options that it offers. So if you are planning for a trip here, your stay isn’t complete if you haven’t tasted the authentic flavours of Udaipur!

Here some of the ‘must-try’ dishes are listed below.


If you are not afraid of junk food, then you surely cannot resist kachoris. In city of Udaipur, you will find some mouth-watering kachoris. Did your delicious kachori in green chutney and find yourself lost in its melting taste. What? Still, Drooling?


Where: The best kachoris of the city are here at Lala Mishthan Bhandar, opposite to KeematRam and Paliwal kikachori. It is near Jagdish Temple.

Anda Bhurji

Do you love eggs? Anda Bhurji is an ultimate food option for you then. You will come across some delicious dishes of Anda Bhurji in Udaipur. The Chetak circle is a paradise for egg lovers. You may have to wait and stand in a queue to experience the delicious dish. You will be served the mouth-watering Anda Bhurji along with a packet of bread. 

Where: You will find the best Anda Bhurji at Chetak circle located opposite the old Chetak cinema.


You can taste ‘Tikha’ and ‘ChatPata’ Chaat while taking a stroll inside the city during the evening. The yummiest chaat is served at Shiv Shakti and will test you with its richness and spice. Dahi Chaat is the most famous snack here.

Where: You can experience some mouth-watering chaat at Shiv Shakti near Bapu Bazar.

Vada Pav

Like in Mumbai, Vada Pav is also one of the most like delicacies in Udaipur. Hungry need a quick snack that will fill your stomach for some time? Vada Pav is your solution. A small shop between Chetak and Hathi pole road serves the city’s best vada pav. The food and its packing are both awesome and you must not miss the experience if you are on a vacation here. 

Vada Pav

Where: For Vada Pav, check into Poornima Vada pav on Chetak-Hathipole Road.

Daal Bati Choorma

Now, if you talk about street food, can we forget Daal Bati Choorma? Well, this dish is unique to Rajasthan. It is not found everywhere in India. So once you are at Udaipur do not miss it. At Manoj Prakash Centre, you will find the best Daal Bati. The dish is served with a bowl of daal, 6 to 7 Poodis or Batis, onions, and lemons.

Daal Bati Choorma

Where: Manoj Prakash Centre near Gulab Bagh serves the best Daal Bati Choorma.

Mini Mirchi Vada

Another famous street food in Udaipur is the Mini Mirchi Vada. You can relish on best vada at Manak Balaji. Manak Balaji has been serving this mouth smacking dish since 1967. You can expect some waiting period because of the long queues of foreigners, Tourists, and residents outside the shop. The way of preparing these delicious vadas is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Try these deep-fried small chilies stuffed with potatoes and spices along with lemon juice. 

Mini Mirchi Vada

Where: Best Mirchi Bada is served at Manak Balaji on Bhuwana-Sukher main road, opposite to Jyoti School.

Pani Puri

Well, who is not crazy after Pani Puris? But if you want to try something different, come and experience the delicious Pani puri at Five Flower Pani Puri. The Pani will come at a variety of flavours like Lehsun, Heeng, Khatta (Extreme Khatta), Meetha, and finally, Pudeena out of which you can choose one.

Pani Puri

Where: Five-Flower Pani Puri located opposite to Big Bazaar, near Sukhadia Circle serves you the best Pani Puri.

Cold Coffee

Thirsty? Well, a cold coffee will not hurt. Come to Vinod Coffee and enjoy its famous cold coffee. It is one of the famous outlets serving cold coffee.

Where: For cold coffee come to Vinod Coffee at Fatehsagar.

Let’s Wrap Up

Other than the above dishes, you can also enjoy mouth-watering aloo vada, jalebis, and hangout in a wide variety of cafes and restaurants that the city offers you. With all these tasty and delicious food, your stay at Udaipur is bound to be a memorable one during your Rajasthan Trip!

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