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90’s Trends that everyone wants to Know and Share

The best thing about changing fashion trends is that you can expect the old styling would revisit us in newer ways. This gives you a chance to embrace the old style dress to revamp your wardrobe. We have lived 20 years in this century, but we see the fashionistas taking up 90’s trends to redefine fashion. So let’s go ahead and know the best trends of the last century and how we can share it today. If you are excited about it, then let’s dive into it. 

1. Velvet Dress

The velvet fabric was loved and used in all kinds of dresses if we go back to the 90s. It gave the royal and sophisticated look. So you can expect the trend to come back again with the elevated dress style and fabric used. The elegant velvet dress would turn the heads towards you.

2. Peplum

Peplum is the gathered section of cloth attached to the waist end of the blouse. There could be peplum tops and peplum blouse. These can be paired with a classy knee-length sleek skirt or regular jeans or trousers.

3. Colorful Leather

The brown leather is, of course classy, and elegant but overused. The 90s brought the idea of colored leather to bring a twist in the leather fashion. We can see that coming back in today’s fashion industry, and maroon or bottle green leather shirts are again on display.

4. Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves remind us of the Victorian age when the queen’s gowns were puffed and ballooned. This idea traveled the 1990s and got every popular among the stylists. Today we see that the crop tops also come with puffed sleeves. So when you go out shopping next time, you can shop from the puffed sleeve section.

5. Crocheted Tops

The lacy crochet top was most trending in the 90s, and the actresses put it on for beach looks as well. Today we see the grace and delicate lacy dresses are back in trend. You should surely try this and be the trendsetter around you. It goes well with denim shirts or jeans.

6. Platform Sneakers

Platform sneaker was a notable trend of the 90s. After the release of the Baby spice video, the demand for platform sneakers shot up.  Now the sneakers need not be flat but made the girls look taller. Many shoe companies came up with multicolor and striped platform sneakers to address the demand. Today we see these brands are again bringing the platform shoes back on display.

7. Bike Shorts

Do you think that bike shorts are only for bikers? That’s not true; ask the fashion setters of the 90s that how fashionable it could get if paired with suitable tops and accessories. You can buy these knee-length bike shorts this season. Visit the jockey website and make the purchase using the jockey coupon code. Choose the knee-length bike shorts and turn them into a fashionable outfit.

8. Wide-Legged Pants

Do you think the bell bottom is wide pants? Then imagine pants that are double the size in width. Many brands came up with this pant style in the 90s, but it did not survive in the fashion industry. Today when everyone is bored with skinny jeans and trousers, the wide pants are waiting to come back into the fashion industry.

9. High-Waist Jeans

High-waist jeans were considered for moms before the 90s. But now it is not the same. If you are bored with low-waist jeans, then go for high waist jeans on your next purchase. This is the best time to try this as this trend is coming back this year.

10. Cargo Pants

The cool look with cargo pants was much admired in the 90s. This trend of multi-pocketed cargo pants is revisiting us this season. You can pair it with high heels and crop top to make it your style statement.

11. Bandanas

The use of bandanas is the identity of the fashion trend of the 90s. You can see the printed cloth hairbands. In any season, you can wear it to accessories your outfit and look fashionable at the same time.

12. Knee Socks

The socks have the own story of change in their lengths according to the changing fashion. Till now, ankle-length socks were in trend, and people love to buy them. However, there is a 90s sock fashion of knee-length coming back in the market with the changing trend.  You can wear these with skirts and shorts.


As the fashion trend changes, we hope that our favorite fashion element of the past would come back in trend. In the 1990s, many stylists and fashionists did a lot of experiments with the outfits and clothing. Some of the trends survived while others took a halt. However, we see that the fashion trends repeat itself, and we love to use the old styling to redefine our present fashion statement. This blog has listed 12 best 90s fashion trends that everyone should know share at the present age.

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