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Top Five Engagement Rings Trends for 2020

The Covid19 pandemic may have quarantined everyone, but there isn’t a better time to make your loved ones feel special. Weddings and engagement rings have been canceled or postponed, thus you can go big by gifting your significant other the trendiest engagement or promise ring of 2020. Following top trends are guaranteed to win your partner’s heart – even if you are professing your love during the lockdown.  

Rose and Yellow Gold Bands

Quite delightfully, for historic aesthetics enthusiasts, yellow and rose gold bands are making a comeback. Having been slept on for what felt like forever – by the charming and more expensive white gold rings – yellow gold is beginning to spark people’s and designers’ interest yet again.

Yellow gold has always helped accentuate the sparkles and scintillations of white diamonds and it can enhance your engagement occasion. Additionally, yellow gold looks stunning on all skin tones – thus, accounting for its sudden comeback. Moreover, its malleability makes it a convenient option for people who would like to have the ring size and design changed later.  

Rose gold has attracted consumers’ attention again – especially due to its subtlety and vintage appeal. It is a more durable option compared with yellow gold, which contains lesser amounts of copper and silver. Rose gold contains more copper – giving it the characteristic pink tint. Rose gold rings are a favorite of people with paler complexions – especially since, with tailored colors, these bands seem to blend into your skin. Thus, allowing the beauty of the solo diamond to shine through.

Sustainable, Lab-Processed Diamonds

This is the time for Gen Z and Millennials to shine! Being more informed and responsible consumers, there has been a growing shift to buying more environment-friendly goods. This includes expensive jewelry as well. A survey by FergusJames suggests that sustainable, lab-grown diamonds are preferred by the Millennial over the rare, naturally found diamonds. This not only means that the overall cost of the diamond will be reduced – but they could be sold at a profitable rate with different colors. Thus, unique colors in the spectrum of azure, canary, black, and chocolate are becoming more popular. Moreover, colored diamonds make for some stunning, eye-catching contrasts with yellow and rose gold bands.

Minimalistic, Spunkier, and Innovative Designs

The over-used, over-loved diamond cuts and ring designs are a thing of the past. A revolutionary trend of bringing back the two extremes of designs is here. Whether you are looking for a catchy, sturdier, over the top piece of jewelry or a minimalistic, yet timeless ring, 2020 is your year! Modern designs with vintage, art deco, and completely trailblazing looks are attracting attention. And the newer generation is celebrating their uniqueness as well as freedom of expression through the jewelry they’re opting for. Hence, if you love someone who enjoys speaking their mind, being creative, and have a unique taste, they are engagement ring with these attributes will certainly win their heart!

Emerald and Asscher Cuts

Round, cushion and princess cuts had ruled as the most sought-after cuts for the longest time! Turns out that people are looking for the lesser-known cuts like Emerald and Asscher. These cuts have not only been slept on for the longest but have a distinct antique aesthetic. Emerald and Asscher cuts belong to the family of less brilliant cuts. Their beauty lies in their uniqueness that comes from their subtle and ethereal looks – unlike the blinding fire and flashes seen in most brilliant-cut diamonds. Contrasting these with rose gold gives the perfect combo of modern meets antique design!

Stacked Up Rings

If you are not a fan of the spunkier art deco rings or do not like the simplistic look of a minimalistic diamond ring, you can always opt for stacked up rings. These gaudy pieces of jewelry seem effortless and instantly become the cynosure of the crowd. Whether you choose a brilliant-cut diamond, an ethereal piece, or a ring inspired by historic times – you can always stack it up and enjoy all the attention. Stacked up rings that exhibit a greater proportion of the bands are also interestingly appealing. Moreover, ethereal or Asscher cut diamonds placed horizontally on these rings appear to make them look more exquisite and fuller.

If you have a significant other who loves keeping up with the latest trends, then win her over with one of the above-mentioned rings. Pay careful attention to correlate these with her personal sense of style for bonus points!

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