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UberEats Clone App – Make More Profits Take Your Food Delivery Business To The Next Level

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UberEats Clone App

With the advent of UberEats Clone App, people got the chance to try new cuisines. And that is why an app like UberEats is a huge success. After a tiring day, you will like to order a wine or a chilled beer deliciously hot to unwind yourself. UberEats gets you that and more of these.  After online grocery delivery and taxi booking apps, on demand food delivery apps are the most trending things in today’s market. Therefore, with the pandemic hitting, making social distancing mandatory on demand food delivery apps feels like a blessing.

The demand for these apps is increasing day by day. Thus, helping local restaurant businesses, delivery service partners to earn even in challenging times like Covid19.

Many entrepreneurs in the food businesses have collaborated with the restaurant owners to expand their reach. Therefore, with the help of the UberEats Clone app, you can not only reach a wider customer base but also get more and more restaurants listed on the app to serve them better. The more options you provide, your app is going to flourish. 

How does The Flow Chart work For Your UberEats Clone Food Delivery App?

For the user

  • The user will log in/register in the app
  • View all the nearby restaurants/cafes and bars
  • View the online menu and add to the cart
  • Pays for the order using multiple payment options
  • Place order – 1) self-pickup
    • 2) Normal delivery
    • 3) Normal delivery with contactless delivery

For the restaurant 

The placed order is redirected to the restaurant and then:

  • The restaurant accepts the order and makes the food ready
  • The customer sees that their order status
  • Depending on the delivery mode – the customer will self-pickup
  • Or
  • The delivery driver is assigned 
  • The customer gets to track the order in real-time about the order estimated delivery time

For the delivery person

  • Delivery driver picks up the order
  • Customer can track the order live on the map
  • Depending on which type of delivery mode is chosen – the delivery person either hands the food delivery or put the package on the doorstep
  • Completes the Order
  • Review/feedback 

The Features Include:

  • A user-friendly interface displaying with your brand logo every time the app opens.
  • Customers get to log in quickly without filling out lengthy forms. Hence providing both social logins with OTPs as well as login through phone numbers and email id.
  • The provides different food choices listed under veg/non-veg/vegan/plant-based/ desserts only categories.
  • The user gets to explore the online menu for every restaurant listed. Thus makes it easy to make food choices.
  • The food delivery app will have covered entire food categories listed. Thus the customers can quickly scan accordingly and decide upon their meals easily.
  • The advance filter search option lets the user choose their meal preferences. Thus, filter offers searches based on the food choices, restaurants, location, etc.
  • The UberEats clone application delivers the food ordering experience like never before. Thus, complete COVID19 safety measures, ensuring contact less deliveries to the customers. 
  • The app lets the user give reviews and ratings based on the experience of the food delivery made. Thus it lets you improve your app and make it more customer-friendly

Advance Level Features To Enhance User-experience

  • Providing promo codes or putting a special category for discounts where users can browse and avail discounts. Hence, this increases the conversion rates and more profits.
  • “Deal of the day” flashing on the screen. Thus, offering special deals on public holidays and events on the food orders. UberEat clone app lets you conduct such deals, attracting more and more customers.
  • Who wouldn’t want to give a try to the recommendation? The more you have these, there will be plenty of users coming over your app to try this feature. The app who have availed of this feature has seen a greater hike in the app download
  • Add-on options are great luring ones. Extra cheese, an extra can of coke, a free scoop of ice-cream offer a great boost in the revenues of your app. The feature is a sure-shot one to enhance your user satisfaction
  • Multiple orders from different restaurant features can prove to be a greater USP in attracting more customers. Thus. people are getting options to choose from different restaurants and different varieties of food and everything delivered in one go makes your food delivery app uniquely special.

In Conclusion

Well, the demand for food will never reduce and so the demand for these food delivery applications will never reduce. Hence, this is the major reason for the success of the UberEats Clone App Idea. Therefore, if you are having an idea in the UberEats clone app development and hanging with several queries about your app development, talking with white-label mobile app development to help you with the UberEats clone app. As a matter of fact, it is a readymade solutions for food delivery mobile app which can be quickly customize according to your requirement and brand.

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