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Jewellery In Weddings: Four Styles

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Indian weddings are fabulous affairs and as possible future bride, you can’t skip this very important chapter from your life. Women and fashion go together simultaneously. Jewellery in weddings is a quintessential part and we cannot afford to ignore the significance of it when it comes to bridal dressing. Gold is probably the most sought after metal when it comes to engagement jewellery, yet there are loads of other very stylish options to choose from. Four of them are mentioned below.

A woman’s love for jewellery is phenomenal, especially when it comes to antique pieces. Nearly of human civilization is what constitutes antique jewelry. It is generally referred to ornaments that are previously owned and also the jewelry items that are crafted using earlier styles which were customarily associated with an era that is long gone. Inspiration from your gown – In case you are wearing a gown with less detailing as well as embroidery, the motifs used there can provide some much needed inspiration, look for a that has a similar pattern and feeling.

It can also be fun to mix it up. For example, contrast geometric shapes with floral or vice versa for a more modern look and interesting in interplay of textures. This style of ornamentation combines the elegance of Meenakari and the extravagance of Kundankari, another beautiful design that can be straight lifted out of the Mughal era.

It uses uncut diamond polkis as setting techniques and semi-precious stones as the embellishments. Silver or gold foil is wrapped around the polki to make it glisten more while a lac framework is made up for the Ghariaas. The polka is then pushed into the lac structure which is then finished by using gold.

1. Kundan jewellery – It is one of the most trending and fashionable and possibly the most talked about type of jewellery in the fashion world. It has a very distinct, elegant and charming look to it. The best part of Kundan jewellery is that it has a way of presenting the best of both worlds and goes with any kind of dressing. Kundan jewellery in weddings has become the favorite choice of Bollywood divas and other fashion experts. It is available in a wide variety of design, color and style.

2. Silver jewellery – Though the favoritism for gold is unmatched, silver is known to have its own fan following and is timeless and exceptional in its finished avatar. It is for brides and bridesmaids who have this urge in their hearts to be different and experimental when it comes to fashion and dressing. Sterling silver and trending engagement rings  has this raw shine about it that is unmistakable, unique and has and all over appeal.

This glistening metal can do wonders for a woman’s beauty make her the darling of the occasion. Silver jewellery in weddings makes the wearer charming with a glamorous twist.

3. Polki – Go for this style of jewellery only if you have a big budget for your jewellery shopping. It brings the best out of your bridal charm and is glamorous to the hilt. The jewellery consists of uncut and unrefined diamonds that are known as polka and re used to makes precious ornaments. It tends to be the most ideal option if you have a huge budget and can indulge in its royal shine and appeal that is unmatched and unavoidable.

Still there are others like jadau, meenakari, diamonds, pearls with sterling silver rings , yet jewellery in weddings is something that defines your own style and personality. Match these beautiful ornaments with your attire and feel like a million bucks on your D-day.

It is one of the most intricate forms of the art of jewellery making and also originated in Jaipur and is also antique. The pieces are created using colored pacchi leaves, pearls and glass stones. Every leaf is embellished by hand on top of the other thus making pacchi jewellery even more special and unique giving out a three dimensional appearance. Because of its aesthetic design, it has become a favorite among South Indian brides.

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